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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Bones? Are They Safe For Dogs?

Have you wondered if dogs can have chicken bones? Well we get asked this question often by our readers so we have decided to create an article that teaches you everything you need to know about your dog and chicken bones. Let’s jump into it!

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Bones?

Yes, dogs can safely eat chicken bones but there is a risk that the chicken bone could splinter and damage the digestive tract of your dog. There are some precautions that you should take to ensure your dog’s safety. First of all, chicken bones are not a good idea for puppies because their teeth and jaw strength are not fully developed yet. Feeding chicken bones to a puppy may cause the bone to break off inside and puncture their intestines or stomach lining which could lead to an emergency vet visit or even death if left untreated. This could happen to dogs of any age which is why it is typically not recommended to give your dog chicken bones.

Why Do Dogs Like Chicken Bones

They often smell chicken bones and want to chew them. If they are raw, then the fresh meat on the bone smells good to dogs. Raw chicken bones have a lot of flavors for dogs because there is still some blood in them which contains proteins that your dog’s digestive system needs as well as other nutrients such as phosphorous and calcium.

They have chicken on the bone, so it tastes like chicken. Dogs also taste things differently than humans do and when they chomp down on chicken bones, they get a different sense of taste from what we enjoy in our food.

Most dogs enjoy eating chicken not just because it tastes good but also due to the sensation of chewing on something hard like a chicken thigh bone. The increased sense of smell may be a factor as well because chicken has a stronger aroma than other food items.

Dogs enjoy chicken bones mostly for the taste and texture of them in their mouths. They also like them because they are not usually fed chicken at home, so eating chicken is a rare treat that increases its excitement to chew on these objects all around the house even when owners think they have hidden them away from the dog’s reach.

Dogs might be more likely to swallow chicken bones because their throats are larger than ours and can accommodate bigger chunks of food. Chicken flavored treats made by companies that produce dog foods often contain chicken flavors or ingredients which may encourage dogs to chew up these objects instead of other items around the house such as furniture or shoes.

Do Chicken Bones Have Health Benefits For Dogs?

Chicken is a good source of protein, iron, and vitamin A. Chicken bones can provide the same benefits as any other form of protein, calcium, or phosphorus.

Chicken bones can be good for dogs with osteoporosis because it has the same benefits as human milk does to people who suffer from this disease.

Chicken bone is also an excellent way to clean teeth while stimulating saliva production in dogs which helps prevent tooth decay or gum diseases since chicken bones help remove plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth. Chicken bones also prevent bad breath by removing food remains during the chewing process.

Chicken bone provides natural sources of sodium needed when feeding kidney patients that need fluid intake restriction. The sodium found in chicken makes sure the potassium level won’t get out of balance and affects kidneys negatively causing them further damage.

What Is The Risk Of Feeding Your Dog Chicken Bones?

While chicken bones may not be harmful to dogs, they can cause choking or intestinal obstruction. Chicken bones are not a natural part of the canine diet and may cause health problems for your dog.

Chicken bones can cause constipation, intestinal blockages, bowel obstruction, or peritonitis (inflammation in the abdominal cavity). Chicken bones can also lead to other gastrointestinal disorders such as pancreas inflammation, stomach ulcers, or infections often caused by Campylobacter bacteria found on raw chicken meat and surfaces where it is prepared.

If a dog is in good physical health and has no history of swallowing foreign objects, it’s unlikely chicken bones will harm him/her.

However, the risk may be higher if your pet suffers from dental problems or other disorders that make swallowing difficult.

Some Of The Best Alternatives To Giving Your Pup A Bone

Instead of giving your dog a chicken bone to chew on, it is recommended that you give them safe toys, snacks, or mental stimulating activities. These can range from toys that you can put treats in or you can even give them a small amount of safe human foods that will provide your dog with additional nutrients such as bananas, strawberries, or even celery.

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