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Celebrating Paw-ther's Day!

Celebrating Paw-ther's Day!

At Wild Earth, our work is more than just a job, as many of us are pet parents we put our heart and soul into making the best dog food possible for our furry friends. For this Father’s Day, we want to do a special highlight of the dog dad’s of Wild Earth. Read below as they get personal about their canine companions. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a special high-paw to those celebrating Paw-ther’s Day!

Ryan Bethencourt

What’s the name of your dog?

How did your dog come into your life?
He's my current foster. He was rescued from his owners who badly docked his tail, which got infected and they then decided to give him up. After Rocket Dog rescued him he had to go to the vet and have his whole tail and the infected tissue cut off. He struggled a lot with it but he's now healing and incredibly happy and healthy! I'm extremely grateful I can spend time with him and he can heal with me!

What’s the best part of your dog’s personality or do you have a fun story to tell about your dog?
I love how he's a true bulldog, he rushes in, in classic bulldog style, but all he really wants to do is play. It catches people who aren't familiar with bulldogs by surprise, but he's a big softie and just wants belly rubs and a few treats!

Dr. Ernie Ward
Chief Vet Officer

What’s the name of your dogs?
Harry and Ginny Border Terriers - the smarter Jack Russell

How did your dog come into your life?
Both dogs came into our lives from a veterinarian who previously worked for us. Her mother is an award-winning Border terrier lover and both dogs had physical limitations that made them unsuitable for breeding or show competition. Harry was named after "Harry Potter" because when he came to us, my daughters believed he had a lightning bolt on his forehead. I never saw the lightning bolt, but Harry proved to be quite a magical addition to our young family. Harry was born excessively large and is over twice a normal Border terrier's size. We assumed he was a mixed breed, so we had his genome tested. We discovered Harry was 100% Border terrier! We call him the "Trent Brown of Border Terriers" due to his abnormally large size. Ginny came to us after our beach mutt, Sandy, passed away after nearly 16 years. She was born with a hindquarter deformity that can make going to the bathroom a challenge for her. She is named "Ginny" after Harry Potter's girlfriend and eventual wife. Yes, our daughter's name our pets!

What’s the best part of your dog’s personality or do you have a fun story to tell about your dog?
Harry is an avid surfer and loves swimming and riding with me during paddleboard training sessions.
Both dogs have been raised on a vegetarian diet alongside their vegetarian and vegan human family.
Ginny prefers to sleep on her back, ala Snoopy on top of his dog house.

Florian Radke
Chief Marketing Officer

What’s the name of your dogs?
Toby and Milo (Milo is featured in the picture)

How did your dog come into your life?
We saw Milo dodging traffic in the middle of a busy intersection in Oakland. We stopped the car, put our warning lights on and my wife jumped out to stop the cars that were swerving around him. Luckily he came running towards us, when we called him and jumped straight into her arms. After weeks of sending pictures to the local shelters and no one claiming him, he became a part of the family.

What’s the best part of your dog’s personality or do you have a fun story to tell about your dog?
Milo loves sunbathing over anything. He finds the smallest sun spot in the house and makes himself comfortable. He's also a pretty grumpy dude sometimes, which I think is super adorable.

Jonathan Cabin
Product Marketing Manager

What’s the name of your dog?

How did your dog come into your life?
We adopted Rusty from the SF SPCA in October of 2017. Our goal - living in the city - was to adopt a medium sized dog that could keep up with our active lifestyles. I grew up with shepherds so my idea of a medium sized dog is most people's idea of a large one. He's big.

What’s the best part of your dog’s personality or do you have a fun story to tell about your dog?
Rusty's positivity and optimism. He'd already lived quite a life before we adopted him. He was found living alone on Alameda island. He had lost all the fur on his back legs and hips from a skin rash, his front row of teeth were severely damaged and he had a stomach disease due to living off trash. On top of that, he was returned to the SPCA by the first people who adopted him. Despite all this, his joy for life has never waned, nor has his love of people. His perseverance, positivity and optimism is a powerful reminder when I'm feeling otherwise.

Jake Keller
Fermentation R&D

What’s the name of your dog?
Lucy Super Dog

How did your dog come into your life?
She came from Berkeley Animal Care Services after being found on the streets of Stockton with 9 puppies. She was sick and we fostered her back to health until we officially adopted her. We honestly thought she was a 30lb Australian cattle dog, but after fully recovering, we now know that she is a 60 lb. cattle dog/ pit bull mix.

What’s the best part of your dog’s personality or do you have a fun story to tell about your dog?
She's truly a very independent, fun-loving personality that is always seeking out good people and fun times!

Danilo Gramajo
Fermentation Tech

What’s the name of your dog?
Her name is Lana.

How did your dog come into your life?
Lana came to our lives as a doctor’s prescription. The doctor prescribed my girlfriend a pet to help her with her medical condition. We were not ready for children so, Lana became our spoiled fur baby. We adopted Lana from the Humane Society in Novato when she was around 8 weeks old.

What’s the best part of your dog’s personality or do you have a fun story to tell about your dog?
Lana is an amazing companion! She takes over the bed and then wakes you up with a big wet kiss across the face early in the morning. She knows how to open sliding doors, the fridge, and definitely knows how to barge into the bathroom. However, her empathy is what makes her truly amazing. When you are upset she sits next to you peacefully and quietly; when you are happy she is cheerful; when you are sad she comforts you, and when you are in pain she calls for help.

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