🎉🐕 Exciting Announcement: Lower Prices! 🐕🎉

🎉🐕 Exciting Announcement: Lower Prices! 🐕🎉

We have exciting news! 

We’ve reached a major milestone. The launch of our Clean Protein Dog Food has been an overwhelming success - thank you! This success means we are making an impact on the health of dogs, the environment and factory farmed animals everywhere. But - we want to accelerate the size of that impact. 

So, here’s the big news: the success of our launch means that we are able to permanently reduce the prices on our dog food.

Available Now!

At Wild Earth, we are grateful for the opportunity to feed your dog. We know you have a lot of options when it comes to feeding your best friends and we are honored to be trusted with such an important component of their health.



When we started Wild Earth, our goal was to create products for everyone. This new pricing  makes our food accessible to even more pet parents which means we are able to feed more dogs delicious and nutritious food, make an even greater environmental impact and save more lives of factory farmed animals.

Oh, and if you’re a subscriber? Don’t worry - you still get 20% off the new price 😁.

Thank you for your support!