My Wild Earth Story

Dianne Scott &
a Tale of Two Pitties

My dogs, Wednesday and Pugsley, were miserable and we tried everything under the sun to help them. Then Wild Earth changed everything.

How It Started

Rashes, hot spots, itching, and unspeakable digestive problems (I’ll spare the details). My two pitties had the worst allergies you can imagine. It was heartbreaking. We tried everything to fix it: shots, steroids, shampoos, ointments. Poor Wednesday would get daily baths to try and relieve the itch. We felt hopeless.

How It’s Going

Within a week of switching to Wild Earth, Wednesday and Pugsley had better skin, better BMs and were overall happier! Fast forward to 6 months later, our pups’ ailments have essentially disappeared, it’s unbelievable. And they LOVE the food. No more shots, no more steroids. Just zoomies! (See below)


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♬ original sound – Dianne Scott

Why We Love Wild Earth

Wild Earth formulas are high-quality, and the ingredients are clean — the results have been life-changing. This is what you can expect to see in your pup!

Improved Skin & Coat

No more pink bellies, and their fur is shiny and soft.

Better Digestion

No more diarrhea, regular bowel movements. Even their breath smells better.

Higher Energy

Less time itching lets my dogs live and play the way they’re supposed to.

Complete Nutrition

Wild Earth is loaded with the protein and vitamins our dogs need to thrive.

No More Allergies

We thought our dogs needed meat, but meat was causing the problems.

Switch to Wild Earth and Find Out Why I’m Obsessed

Our dogs mean everything to us. We switched to Wild Earth and their health dramatically improved. If you’re experiencing similar pains and ailments, food might be the reason. I highly recommend switching to Wild Earth, not only for allergies but for complete nutrition that will have your dogs romping around like they should be!

“Wednesday is such a picky eater, but she eats Wild Earth
so much faster than she ate her old food!” – Dianne Scott

About Me

I’m an actress, comedian, dog-mama and pitbull rescue advocate based in California. My Instagram account (@ataleof2pitties) has grown into a wonderful community of other dog-loving people where I can share the stories of our two babies – Wednesday and Pugsley.