Selenium Yeast

About: An organic form of selenium, which is an essential mineral, bound to yeast cells to make it easier for the body to use.
Nutritional function:Minerals
In our products: Maintenance Formula, Classic Roast
Maintenance Formula, Golden Rotisserie
  • Protects cells against free radicals
  • Supports immune function
  • Supports proper thyroid function
  • Supports reproductive health
  • Supports proper muscle function

Selenium is an essential mineral for dogs, which means it must be acquired from their diet.

The Science

Title of StudyPublished by
Selenium in Dog FoodsGhent University
Selenium and Dogs: A Systematic Review Animals
Supplemental Selenium Source on Gut Health: Insights on Fecal Microbiome and Fermentation Products of Growing PuppiesFEMS Microbiology Ecology
Yeast in Pet FoodCreature Companion

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