Welcome to the Wild Side

Thank you for joining our pack. We’ve put together some helpful videos from our staff veterinarian, Dr. Tiffany Ruiz Dasilva, to help your dog’s transition to Wild Earth be as smooth as possible. The videos are 2-3 minutes long and are chock full of tips and tricks to keep your pup happy and full. 

Transitioning Your Dog to Wild Earth

Your dog’s gut is a delicate ecosystem, so it’s important to slowly transition their food to not upset anything. Here’s a quick breakdown on how to do so effectively.

Convincing Your Dog to Eat Healthy

If your pup doesn’t immediately take to their new kibble, here are a couple of ways to entice them to devour each bite.

Expectations for Relief

Dog by Dog, Changing Lives

Turns out, clean ingredients and a little love can be life-changing. What will your dog’s story be?

Every Scoop Makes an Impact

You may not realize how wasteful the pet industry can be, so we’re cleaning it up. Cruelty-free, sustainable ingredients, green production.

Less Water

Less Land

Less CO2

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

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