Plant-Based Dog Food.
It’s Not That Weird.


The story starts a few
thousand years ago…

Dogs and early humans became
best friends and started
sharing a special bond.

As dogs evolved, they depended
on humans for food.

Before the industrial revolution,
humans fed dogs the most abundant resource they had:
That included fruits, veggies, and potatoes.

And dogs began to thrive on plant protein at a genetic level.

Flash forward to today, we have mini-poos, aussie-poos, bernadoodles and good ol’ mutts. What these modern pups need is protein, and a specific blend of amino acids.

And Wild Earth has all of it. Clean, high-quality protein, essential amino acids, omega fats, prebiotics, and everything else dogs need to thrive.

It’s really not that weird.
Plant-based dog food is
thousands of years in the making,
and Wild Earth has perfected it.

Plant-Based Dog Food.
It’s Not That Weird.

It’d be weird not to try it.