Dogs Need Protein. Plants Have Protein.

It’s Not That Weird!

Dogs Have Evolved. It’s Time Their Food Did, Too.

Wild Earth’s nutritionally-complete, superfood recipe has everything your dog needs to thrive.

Dogs Need ItWild Earth Has It
Clean ProteinYESYES
10 Essential Amino AcidsYESYES
Omega Fatty AcidsYESYES
Tasty, Digestible NutrientsYESYES
Taurine for Heart HealthYESYES
Complete, Head-to-Paw NutritionYESYES

Backed by Science,
Formulated with a Purpose

We set out to make really, really good dog food that really, really helps your best friend thrive. Each ingredient was hand-chosen for targeted health benefits that you’ll notice almost immediately.

Irresistible Taste, Irrefutable Benefits

Our not-so-secret ingredient, a protein powerhouse that is sustainably sourced and even used to make lesser dog foods taste better. Yeast is the future!

Sweet Potato
You know how tasty sweet potatoes are and so does your pup. Plus, they’re high in fiber and easy to digest.

A small pea with big-time, superfood nutrition. Calories, protein, iron, fiber and a simple carbohydrate. What’s not to love about chickpeas?

Another superfood? Yes! Spinach is loaded with iron and vitamin E and magnesium. Not your average leafy green.

Mix it all together and you get a protein-packed, superfood formula to help your dog thrive from the inside, out.

What to Expect After Switching

Get ready for head-to-paw benefits and constant zoomies. Your dog will go crazy at mealtime when their bowl gets filled with drool-inducing, roasted superfood morsels.

No More Itching & Scratching

Is your dog always licking their paws or belly and scratching behind their ears? Or even doing that thing where they itch their snout with their paws and it’s kinda cute but also a bit concerning? These are common signs of allergies that are often caused by the dirty meat in their food. Our food is loaded with skin-healthy ingredients and fats that relieve unwanted skin issues. Bye, itch!

Softer, Shinier Coats

When’s the last time you’ve seen your pup’s coat shine? It won’t be long before you’re watching their coat glisten in the sun and they’ll be ready for their pup close-up.

Better Digestion & Bathroom Habits

Say goodbye to unpredictable poops. After switching to Wild Earth, your dog’s stomach will be full of good gut bacteria and clean fiber, to create a more regular bathroom habits and healthier looking number twos.

Clearer Skin

Red bellies, be gone! You’ve probably heard that tainted animal products can cause breakouts in humans. Well, it does the same thing for dogs. By cutting out animal products in their food, you’ll be decreasing the chances that they’re breaking out!

Don’t Dogs Need Meat?

Not exactly.

Dogs are omnivores. What they need is a complex mix of nutrients, protein and amino acids. All of which can come from plants.

Our recipe features all the goodness your pup needs to live a happy, healthy life. Try our clean, complete food today and see why plant-based is more natural than you’d think!

Plant-Based Dog Food.
It’s Not That Weird.

Try Wild Earth today and within one bag, you’ll see why plant-based dog food is more natural than you’d think.