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We’re so sure our anti-allergyvet-developed kibble will help your dog thrive that we want to send you a FREE 4 lb bag, with $4.95 shipping. Take a walk on the plant-based side, and see what it’s all about.

Our Miracle
Plant-Based Protein

Fed up with the problems with the pet food industry’s meat based
ingredients, our team of vets and food scientist PhD’s created a delicious, high protein, completely plant-based dog food.

We’ve made a radically better food for dogs with 31% complete protein,
superfood ingredients and zero junk that is a delicious flavor dogs

And the results are amazing:

✔ More Energy
✔ Fewer Allergies
✔ Shinier Coat
✔ Better Digestion
✔ Healthier Weight


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Why Go Plant-Based
with Wild Earth?

So, dogs can get their protein from a variety of sources – great. But, why should you switch to plant-based? How about fewer allergiesbetter digestion, and more energy? Seriously. Plant-based dog food isn’t just “okay” for your dog, it’s healthier. Not to mention, you’re helping the planet.

Allergy Relief

The #1 cause of dog food allergies is MEAT. And not just beef – chicken, turkey, fish and pork – they’re all serious allergens for dogs. Switching to Wild Earth’s plant-based, meat-free dog food can help alleviate itching and scratching, constant paw licking, red bellies, eye discharge, chronic diarrhea, and more. It’s the biggest reason pet parents are switching to Wild Earth!

Improved Digestion

Does your pup have trouble with digestion? It’s incredibly common because most dog foods lack sufficient fiber, since they rely on meat for protein and who-knows-what for fiber (and our pups pay the price). Wild Earth is high in protein AND fiber, which helps dogs digest their food easier, keeps their tummies happy, their number twos regular, and can boost their immune systems.

Energy Boost

Wild Earth’s vet-developed, science-backed dog food is high in protein, high in fiber, and rich in superfoods like chickpeas, sweet potato, and spinach. This combination keeps your dog’s weight at an optimal level and their gut feeling good – which gives them the energy to run, jump, play (and eventually cuddle!) all day long.


Do I have to subscribe?

To get your free trial bag, you’ll be set up with our subscription but you can cancel or change it at any time by logging into My Account.

What makes Wild Earth Better?

We’ve taken a high-quality, sustainable protein source and combined it with superfoods like chickpeas, sweet potatoes, spinach, and blueberries to create the world’s first high protein plant-based dog food – so it’s every bit as nutritious as meat-based food, with none of the downsides.

What if I have more than one dog?

You can adjust your subscription, including the quantity of bags and the frequency at which you receive them, at any time by logging into My Account.

Help! I need more than 14 days!

No problem! Before your trial ends, we’ll remind you that your next delivery is coming soon. Need more time? Delay a week or two right from the email. Or visit My Account to customize or cancel your subscription at any time.