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Give 60% off and get $60 for every new friend referred to Wild Earth!

Bark Bark! That’s the sound of you making $60 in cash every time your friends get behind our mission to save the earth and treat their pups to Wild Earth dog food! When you share the referral link below, you’ll get $60 for each new friend that signs up for their first large dog food subscription!

Sign up and share your personal ambassador link to all of your social media to spread the word about a revolutionary kibble that’s disrupting the dog food industry with a clean protein, plant-based, and healthy alternative!

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How it works


Share Wild Earth with your friends and followers on your blog, social profiles, or directly through email and messenger.



Your friends learn about Wild Earth and make their first large dog food subscription order with a tail-wagging 60% discount!



You earn $60 in cash, help our mission, and treat your favorite puppers at the same time!

Help animals and the planet, and make some money while doing it!

Here is the deal: Every company has to invest money into advertising to sell products. We’d rather give this money to you and support you! We are going to give you $60 for every new customer you bring to us (as long as they sign up for a large dog food subscription). There is no limit on how many new Wild Earth customers you can generate and we’ll pay you cash! For example, if you just get 10 people to sign up for Wild Earth, that’s $600 for you!


The fine print

To qualify, the person you refer must be a first time Wild Earth subscriber and order a large (18lb) dog food bag subscription. You cannot refer yourself or engage in fraudulent behavior, and anyone doing so will be banned from the referral program. Within 30 calendar days of your referee’s large dog food subscription order, you will receive $60 in payout via PayPal. You cannot participate in pay-per-click advertising on the Wild Earth trademarked terms, including any derivations, variations or misspellings thereof, for search or content-based campaigns on Google, MSN, or Yahoo. For the purposes of these terms, trademarked terms include Wild Earth, Wild Earth Dog Food, Wild Earth Shark Tank, Mark Cuban, Dr. Ernie Ward, Ryan Bethencourt, Wild Earth Coupon, and Buy Wild Earth (all keywords apply as a broad match).



Select the size and frequency that's right for you

Weight Cups/Day Recommendation
2 – 5 lb ¼ - ½ 1 Sm Bag / 6 Weeks
5 – 10 lb ½ - ¾ 1 Sm Bag / 4 Weeks
10 – 20 lb ¾ – 1½ 1 Sm Bag / 4 Weeks
20 – 30 lb 1½– 1¾ 1 Lg Bag / 6 Weeks
30 – 40 lb 1¾ – 2½ 1 Lg Bag / 5 Weeks
40 – 50 lb 2¼ – 2¾ 1 Lg Bag / 4 Weeks
50 – 60 lb 2¾ – 3¼ 1 Lg Bag / 3 Weeks
60 – 70 lb 3¼ – 3½ 1 Lg Bag / 3 Weeks
70 – 80 lb 3½ – 4 1 Lg Bag / 3 Weeks
80 – 90 lb 4 – 4¼ 2 Lg Bags / 5 Weeks
90 – 100 lb 4¼ – 4½ 2 Lg Bags / 4 Weeks
Over 100 lb 4½ + ¼ per each additional 10 lb
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