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Here’s What You Get

This eco-friendly Wild Earth Tote bag is a Black Friday special and made from recycled materials. Perfect for groceries, doggie treats, and future Black Friday shopping – for FREE!

50% off an 18 lb. bag of our 100% super clean dog food. It’s delicious, it’s nutritious, and its 50% off!

Your pup will go crazy for this tasty treat that also packs a nutritious punch of plant-powered goodness. Get a pack of Peanut Butter & Koji treats, FREE!

Dogs are omnivores

It’s true. While our dogs are descendants of the wolf, they have long since evolved to thrive on plants. What they really need is protein. Plants have protein, and our recipe has a lot of protein. It’s not that weird!

No meat. No problems.

Our tasty food, treats and supplements are cleaner, healthier and are free from the nasty “meats” that cause red bellies, itching, lethargy, and digestive issues. See all the benefits a clean, plant-based food can have for your pup.

The Best Ingredients

High-quality and cruelty-free

A Healthy Formula

Vet-developed recipe that’s nutritionally-complete for happy, healthy pets

Sustainable Practices

Sustainable sourcing that’s better
for the planet


Clean Ingredients

We’ve made the first high-protein, high-fiber, plant-powered dog food that has more protein than most premium dog food brands – all while using significantly fewer resources.


Success Stories From Real Pet Parents

Over 3000+ 5-Star Reviews

Portrait of testimonial author Kelly S..

This is the happiest I’ve ever seen my frenchie. This food has cleared up all her itchy skin and stomach issues too. Wish I had found it sooner. I’ll never go back to any other food.

Kelly S.

Let’s Reinvent
Dog Food

At it’s core, there’s an unhealthy
meat dependency in pet food. Most
of the time, meat in your pet food
means: Bad ingredients. Bad Practices.
And bad health.

Which is bad news for pets, pet
parents, and the planet.So we made
a new kind of dog food – a better one.
We thank you for joining and
supporting our mission!