America’s Next Top Dog Model

This is the documentary of Wild Earth’s search for America’s Next Top Dog Models. A three-part series that goes behind the scenes of how Wild Earth went through the (very difficult!) process of finding dogs that captured Wild Earth’s ethos, charm, and fun!

Episode 1 - A Star (Idea) was Born!

Wild Earth is a company that challenges the status quo daily - so, when everyone told us we needed professional dog models and actors for our photoshoots and commercial, we asked...why?

We love all animals, whether they have agents or not. But our favorites are the dogs with the cute crooked smiles, the tripods that melt our heart, those that beat the odds, and fly paws out in the face of convention!

Episode 2 - Surprise Winners!

For the second episode of Wild Earth’s Next Top Dog Model competition documentary. We get a true behind the scenes look on how the top dog models were picked. (Hint: Lots of smizing) You’ll feel like you’re a fly on the wall as the Wild Earth team makes the hard decision of picking 2 dogs to be the face of Wild Earth’s new dog food! Lots of amazing stories and beyond cute puppers! Watch until the end to find out the shocking end twist & results for the winners!

Episode 3 - Wild Earth’s TV Commercial [Behind The Scenes]!

This is the last episode of America’s Next Top Dog Model search documentary. This episode gives you an extended behind the scenes version of the process of filming Wild Earth’s first TV commercial. The commercial launches the highly anticipated Clean Protein Dog Food! Enjoy all the silly dog actors, Wild Earth’s CEO explaining his beauty regiment, and a vet joke we couldn’t make up!

Make sure to watch the actual commercial to get the paw-someness of this video!

Wild Earth’s TV Commercial: