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GETWILD is the monthly membership that keeps your dog’s favorite plant-based kibble in ready supply for a flat monthly fee!

Learn more about our food.
Learn more about our food.

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🏪 Skip the Store

Your re-supply is conveniently timed and delivered to your doorstep.

📦 Free Shipping

Just like sunshine, our shipping is always free and perfectly timed.

🎉 10% Off Every Order

We love helping you save hundreds on dog food every year!

🐶 Sized for Your Pup

We'll calculate how much your dog needs based on their weight.

🤙 No Hassle to Cancel

One click and your subscription is cancelled. No hassles, no gimmicks.

🗓 Edit Deliveries Anytime

Pause your next order, add or remove products, or change your address.

The proof is in the poop!

Learn about the gut health benefits of a Wild Earth dog food subscription.

What if my dog doesn’t like the food?

If your dog doesn’t love our food, we’ll issue you a full refund. Read more here.

Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely. It just takes one click in your Account page. No hassle!

Can I pause my deliveries?

Of course! It just takes one click in your Account page.

Can I change the items in my active membership?

Easily. You can add and remove items in your Account page.

Can I try a bag before signing up?

Indeed! You can give us a try on Amazon, or place an order without a membership here.

Can I order treats with my dog food?

Yes! Members get 30% off treats, so most members add at least 1 bag to their monthly delivery.

How It Works

1) Answer A Few Simple Questions
We'll calculate if your dog needs a small or large bag based upon their weight. Multi-dog household? Just add another membership!

2) Add Treats
Members enjoy 30% off Wild Earth’s famous koji dog treats. Add a few bags to your subscription, receive all your items in the same delivery, and switch your flavors as often as you like.

3) Enjoy Resupplies
We’ll deliver your pup’s food and treats directly to your door, based on our algorithm. Need a different schedule? Easily adjust your delivery frequency or pause your orders as needed.

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