Wild Earth In The News

November 11, 2018 - Huffington Post
Reality Check: Your Dog Is Terrible For The Environment


October 24, 2018 - Care2
5 Animal-Free Food Breakthroughs: Clean Pet Food


October 18, 2018 - VegNews Magazine
Ryan Bethencourt — CEO of groundbreaking vegan company Wild Earth — shines a light on the dubious ingredients contained in traditional dog food with a bold statement.


October 15, 2018 - One Green Planet
Wild Earth Is Reinventing Pet Food: Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal


October 1, 2018 - BUSINESS INSIDER
A Peter Thiel-backed startup pursuing mouse meat for dogs has begun selling its first products


August 20, 2018 - Petfood Industry Magazine
Koji Dog Treats Exemplify Novel Ingredient Challenges


August 6, 2018 - The Atlantic
Why Is Buying Pet Food So Hard?


August 3, 2018 - LiveKindly
Vegan Pet Food Startup Wild Earth Partners With MARS Petcare


July 26, 2018 - The Wall Street Journal
Peter Thiel Backs Vegan Dog Food Startup


June 26, 2018 - The Guardian
Pet food is an environmental disaster – are vegan dogs the answer?


June 22, 2018 - LiveKindly
Vegan Dog Food Startup Wild Earth Receives 'Excellent' Ratings for Digestibility, Nutrition, and Protein Content


June 19, 2018 - VegNews
Cultured Koji Dog Food Has More Protein Than Steak


April 25, 2018 - The Daily Beast
Vegan Food for Dogs Is Here. But Is It Safe?


April 5, 2018 - Bloomberg
Fake Meat Might Feed Your Dog and Save the Planet


April 4, 2018 - Inc Magazine
The Startup That's Making Healthier Pet Food--From Fungus and Lab-Grown Mouse Cells


March 19, 2018 - Veterinary Practice News
Wild Earth wants pets to eat environmentally friendly vegan pet food


March 16, 2018 - Geek
Truth About Cats and Dogs: Veganism Is an Option


March 16, 2018 - Futurism
Companies Are Betting on Lab-Grown Meat, but None Know How to Get You to Eat It


March 15, 2018 - Forbes
Why Wild Earth Cofounder Ryan Bethencourt Is Applying The Science Of 'Vegan Biohacking' To Pet Food


March 15, 2018 - National Geographic
Can Dogs and Cats Be Vegan? Science Weighs In.


March 15, 2018 - Pet Age
Wild Earth Introduces Cultured Clean Protein for Pet Food Market


March 15, 2018 - The Wall Street Journal
Meatless Dog Food Startup Launches With $4 Million


March 15, 2018 - New Scientist
Lab-grown pet food promises a wholesome vegan lifestyle for dogs


March 15, 2018 - MIT Technology Review
Lab-grown pet food might inspire your future meals




Press Releases


October 1, 2018

Wild Earth Introduces First Dog Treats From Koji Protein
Wild Earth, Inc., a startup reinventing pet food with biotech, today introduced its first product, a dog treat made with koji (Aspergillus oryzae) – an eco-friendly, renewably sourced member of the fungi kingdom used in the culinary world by some of the world's best chefs.


July 30, 2018

Wild Earth Closes Seed Funding Round with $450K Investment from Founders Fund and Peter Thiel
Wild Earth, Inc., a biotech startup developing clean protein pet foods, today announced it has successfully completed its seed round with an investment from Pathfinder, the early stage investment vehicle of Founders Fund, and Peter Thiel. The investment of $450,000 brings Wild Earth's total funding to just under $5 million.


June 19, 2018

Wild Earth Cultured Clean Protein for Pets Receives High Ratings in Early Testing
Wild Earth, Inc., a biotech startup developing clean protein pet foods, today announced it has earned high marks in early product testing. Digestibility studies of Wild Earth's novel koji protein returned ratings of "excellent," a great measure of nutritional value and quality.


March 15, 2018

Wild Earth Introduces Cultured Clean Protein for $30B Pet Food Market
Wild Earth, Inc., a biotech startup, announced today it is using cultured proteins to develop clean, high-quality pet foods for the $30 billion pet food market.




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