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Portrait of testimonial author Tina M..
Tina M.

After a lot of testing Olive was diagnosed with an allergy to most proteins (meat based). After researching vegan/vegetarian dog treats we found Wild Earth. Olive is in HEAVEN! Highly recommend for any dog with allergies or food sensitivities. Great Product!

Success Stories


“Buddy had been on Wild Earth now for 2 months and he loves it! His coat
is shiny and bright. His bowels are better. And his itching and allergies have gone away. I would recommend Wild Earth to everyone who has a dog with food and skin allergies. It has truly been a big difference for Buddy!”

Nelida B.


“This product is great for dogs with allergies. My dog Bella developed a late-in-life allergy to poultry. Most kibble has some chicken product in it. I switched her entire diet and added Wild Earth to eliminate all poultry. She loves it, the itching has stopped, and she licks her bowl clean every meal.”

Richard T.


“Why we tried Wild Earth… The holistic approach for itching and scratching was not working. Allergy shots are expensive. Premium, grain-free dog food is heavy on animal products, so not sustainable…and smells terrible. Fiona and Lulu love the food, the itching and scratching have dramatically decreased and their doggy breath is so much better. We feel so much better that our furry family members can help lighten our carbon footprint.”

Marie R.


The Wild Earth Effect is Real

In a recent customer survey, here’s what dog parents reported after feeding 3 bags of Wild Earth to their dogs.


of dogs showed health improvements


of dogs prefers the taste of Wild Earth over other dog food


of dogs had improved
skin & coat health


of dogs had reduced
itching and scratching

Our Cruelty-Free Products Are Changing Lives

Customers everywhere are sharing their stories. What will yours be?