[Video] How Plant-Based Diets Can Help Food-Allergic Dogs
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[Video] How Plant-Based Diets Can Help Food-Allergic Dogs

by Andrew Ehlert

In April of 2022, we hosted Dr. Erika Sullivan for a Facebook Live event to discuss food allergies for dogs. She reviewed the complexity of allergies in dogs from diagnosis to treatment options. Because common food allergens for dogs are eggs, chicken, beef, and dairy, prescription medical or over-the-counter plant-based dog foods can help improve many of the common symptoms dogs experience as a result of the food they are given. Watch this video to learn the options available to exclude common dietary allergens in dogs and how a balanced and complete plant-based dog diet can be biologically appropriate.


Wild Earth’s Complete Protein Dog Food meets the needs of the evolved dog; high-quality and great-tasting food that provides the complete and comprehensive nutrition they need — it just happens to be plant-based.

Dr. Sullivan answered several questions from the audience. Check out the clips below to explore each topic and hear the answer to each of the questions.

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 1:27 - Environmental and Food Allergies in Dogs
  • 3:03 - Getting an Overview of Your Dog's Allergy Causes with Testing
  • 5:09 - Top Food Allergens for Dogs
  • 5:57 - Are Plant-Based Diets Beneficial for Food Allergic Dogs?
  • 7:41 - How Long Does It Take For a New Diet To Relieve Allergies?
  • 11:02 - Beyond Red & Itchy, What Are The Other Symptoms of Food Allergies?
  • 12:53 - Are There Recipes to Ensure You Meet a Dog's Nutritional Requirements?
  • 14:27 - Do Plant-Based Diets Eliminate the Need For Allergy Meds?
  • 18:03 - Can You Feed Puppies a Plant-Based Diet?
  • 20:15 - Can Ear Infections and Toe Ulcers Be Helped with Plant-Based Diets?
  • 22:25 - Can a Gluten Intolerant Dog Eat Dried Yeast?
  • 23:13 - Can Anal Gland Issues Be A Sign of Allergies?
  • 24:15 - Comments on Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy?
  • 25:44 - Closer

About Our Speaker:

Dr. Erika Sullivan is a veterinarian from Toronto. After spending eight years in small animal practice in Canada, she moved to Thailand where she then spent nine months working at an elephant and dog shelter. Dr. Erika then moved to Australia, where she has been working for the past eight years in small animal practice and emergency medicine with Australian native wildlife. She currently teaches veterinary nursing, and casually as a scuba diving instructor and shark conservation enthusiast. She is certified in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Food Therapy and Veterinary Acupuncture, which she practices to offer alternative modalities and a comprehensive integrative approach to her patients. Dr. Erika is passionate about traveling abroad and helping street animals in need. Four years ago she started an international volunteer project at an animal shelter in India called the Vadodara Centre for Animal Rescue and Emergency (VCARE). It is there where she merges her passion for teaching with a desire to help unwanted street dogs, cats, and livestock. She uses these experiences to teach students veterinary medical skills while educating them on the global threats to our planet.

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