Performance Formula Dog Food

Veggie Chick’n Kabob Flavor

This formula is packed with muscle-supporting protein, and is enriched with prebiotic fiber, DHA, and healthy fats to help keep your dog healthy & active for years to come.

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Infused with
Vitamins & Minerals

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Unleash Peak Performance
With Added Nutrition

Our Performance Formula Dog Food features superfood ingredients, it is packed with muscle-supporting protein, and is enriched with prebiotic fiber and healthy fats to help keep your dog in tip-top shape. We took AAFCO standards for dog nutrition and added more protein, and supplemental nutrients—all with a flavorful profile to keep your dog’s evolutionary instincts satisfied. 

We set out to create the healthiest—and tastiest—meat-free dog food possible and because we know how important palatability is to your dog’s happiness we made flavor & smell one of our top priorities.

When you open our bags of food you are met with clean savory smells, that will get your mouth salivating along with your dogs. Go ahead, give it a try! You’ll notice the difference right away.

Performance Formula Flavor

Veggie Chick’n Kabob: The flavor of this formula gets all of your dog’s senses on high alert with aromas and a flavor profile similar to chick’n but without harming any animals in the process.  It’s 100% plant-based and cruelty-free, your dog will absolutely drool over and gobble up at every meal. We’ve also packed this formula with superfood ingredients to keep your dog powered up and ready to zoomie!

Crude Protein (min)28.0%
Crude Fat (min)11.0%
Crude Fiber (max)5.0%
Moisture (max)10.0%
Lysine (min)1.3%
Methionine (min)0.5%
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) (min) 0.05% 
Calcium (min)1.0%
Phosphorus (min)0.9%
Sodium (min)0.2%
*Omega-6 Fatty Acids (min)3.5%
*Omega-3 Fatty Acids (min)1.0%

* Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the
AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles

Calorie Content ME (Calculated)

3,435 kcal/kg
346 kcal/cup

Wild Earth Performance Formula Veggie Chick’n Kabob Flavor is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

We care deeply about customer and dog satisfaction and building a long-term relationship with you. Our Happiness Guarantee is just one way we ensure our customers love our products and are treated great by our company.

Try our food for 30 days, and if your dog doesn’t love our food, we’ll issue you a full refund – no questions asked.

The Wild Earth One Week Food Transition Guide

One week is recommended, but the slower the better. Don’t switch too fast, it might cause an upset stomach.*

Day 1-2:
Mix 25% Wild Earth dog food into
75% of your dog’s old food per meal.
Day 3-4:
Mix 50% Wild Earth dog food into
50% of your dog’s old food per meal.
Day 5-6:
Mix 75% Wild Earth dog food into
25% of your dogs old food per meal.
Day 7:
Transition Complete!
Fill 100% of your dogs bowl with
Wild Earth goodness.

*This dog food transition guide is important whenever you change your dog’s food, including if you are switching from our Complete Protein or Maintenance Formula dog food. For more information on dog food transition please visit our new customer resource page.

Filled with Nutrition, Not Fillers

Our Performance Formula is 100% plant-based and cruelty-free. It is calorically dense with only high-quality superfoods, protein, and added minerals for optimal health outcomes. Your dog no matter the breed or size, will lick the bowl clean and feel happy and satisfied until it’s time to eat again!

Small Dogs

2 – 5 lbs1/4 – 1/2 cup
5 – 10 lbs1/2 – 3/4 cup
10 – 20 lbs3/4 – 1 1/3 cups

Medium Dogs

20 – 30 lbs1 1/3 – 1 3/4 cups
30 – 40 lbs1 3/4 – 2 1/3 cups
40 – 50 lbs2 1/3 – 2 3/4 cups
50 – 60 lbs2 3/4 – 3 cups

Large Dogs

60 – 70 lbs3 – 3.5 cups
70 – 80 lbs3.5 – 4 cups
80 – 90 lbs4 – 4 1/4 cups
90 – 100 lbs4 1/4 – 4.5 cups
100+ lbs4.5 cups + 1/3 per each
additional 10 lbs
of body weight

Thousands of Dogs Have Seen the Difference

Over 4,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Portrait of testimonial author Paris F..
Paris F.

Luna ate her first bowl faster than any food we’ve ever given her!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Performance and Maintenance Formulas are sold through,, and! Our products are also available at limited retail stores and we are working hard to have them offered nationally. Please visit our store locator page to see where we are available. Store Locator

Short answer: No! Long answer: Dogs have evolved from their wolf ancestors into true omnivores. Meaning, they can break down protein from animal and plant sources. We created dog food formulas with only plant-based ingredients because plants allow us to provide your dog with a nutritionally-complete and balanced diet. That also saves millions of lives in the process. Dogs need protein and a specific blend of essential amino acids—both of which our formulas are guaranteed to have. Learn about our ingredients → 

This depends on your dog’s age, size, breed, and any specific health goals you may have for your dog (ie weight gain, weight loss). Check out the feeding chart on this page or reach out to our knowledgeable Customer Success Team through the chat icon in the lower right of this page.

Yes! Our Performance Formula and Core Formula dog food meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Maintenance.

We believe the AAFCO guidelines are a baseline requirement and our dog food formulas in many cases exceed these requirements.

Our new Performance Formula and Core Formula dog food recipes do not contain any legumes so even though there is no correlation between plant-based diets and DCM we have eliminated this from our new recipes! This is a complex issue, but with current information there is no correlation between plant-based diets and DCM. 

All current data suggests that if a link, in fact, exists between diet and DCM, it may be due to nutritional deficiencies in the diet and since our food is nutritionally-complete, this won’t be an issue. For a full breakdown, read this article from our Chief Product Officer, Dr. Abril Estrada: What We Know About Canine DCM and It’s Link to Diet

Yes! You can cancel your subscription orders at anytime in your account. Just simply login to your account and navigate to the subscriptions tab. You can also update your payment method, delay, skip and change your subscription timing there as well. We’ll also send you shipping updates along the way. Our Customer Support Team is standing by to answer any questions!

Which Kibble is Right For Your Dog?

Below are all of our drool-worthy kibble options and their comparable benefits to help make the choice easier for you. Keep in mind that both formula options offer complete and balanced nutrition for your dog and along with being 100% plant-based (vegan) they do not contain wheat or legumes. Still not sure which one is right for your dog? Let us help, you can answer a few questions and we’ll build your dog a customized meal plan or reach out and we can help you decide!

Performance Formula

  • 28% protein by weight
  • Formulated for all adult dogs, all breeds
  • Additional ingredients including DHA & prebiotics
  • Ideal for active to very active lifestyles
  • Free from the most common food allergens for dogs
  • Available in Veggie Chick’n Kabob Flavor
  • 100% plant-based & cruelty-free
  • Choose from 4 lb or 18 lb bags

Maintenance Formula

  • 23% protein by weight
  • Formulated for all adult dogs, all breeds
  • Small batch, limited ingredient formula
  • Ideal for less active to active lifestyles
  • Free from the most common food allergens for dogs
  • Available in Classic Roast and Golden Rotisserie Flavors
  • 100% plant-based & cruelty-free
  • Choose from 12.5 lb or 28 lb bags

Dog by Dog – A Healthier Future

We’re building a world where dogs are treated with the complete and comprehensive wellness they deserve. One that’s less cruel, more sustainable and more joyful.

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