Plant-Based Dog Food is Evolutionary

When professionally formulated with the right mix of protein and key nutrients, vegan dog food isn’t just safe—research shows that it’s even healthier than any other diet option for your furry best friend.

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Your dog is not a wolf.

Why feed them like one?

Dogs are omnivores. Even though they’ve evolved from wolves – recent studies have shown that they can thrive on nutritionally complete and balanced diets free from animal sourced ingredients. Dogs have evolved, it’s time their food does, too.

Protein That’s Clean &


Wild Earth dog food formulas contain 24-28% protein by weight – all sourced from plant-based ingredients. Our main protein source is dried yeast is highly digestible by dogs and it contains all 10 essential amino acids dogs require from their diet. Check out the scientific evidence to support the use of meat-free protein sources.

Allergy Relief

Starts in the Bowl

The top food-related allergens for dogs are meat, dairy and eggs. Wild Earth products are free of all animal-sourced ingredients making it a great choice for dogs that suffer from food-related allergies. Recently published research also noted that dogs fed a plant-based diet reported fewer health conditions, fewer vet visits, and longer life expectancy than dogs fed a conventional, meat-based kibble.

Healthy Recipes,

Carefully Formulated

Wild Earth dog food products use high-quality whole food and superfood ingredients to nourish your dog from the inside out. We include nutritious and delicious ingredients like sweet potatoes, oats, spinach, pumpkin, and more. 

Every Scoop

Makes a Difference

Plant-based dog food requires fewer resources, such as land and water use, than meat-based dog food. Choose Wild Earth because your dog and our planet are worth it.

What Veterinarians Have to Say

Veterinarians from all over the world are seeing the difference. Check out some of our interviews to see what they’re saying about plant-based diets for dogs.

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Wild Earth is creating a world where we can feed our dogs a high-quality meal that does not need to harm or kill animals.

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