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Clean Protein Dog Food

31% complete protein.
Zero meat and zero junk.

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This is our CEO, Ryan. And this is how much he believes in our dog food...

Dog Food Made Better

We are taking the junk out of our pets' food — by making the highest quality clean protein the world has ever seen. We’ve made a radically better dog food with 31% complete protein, superfood ingredients, and zero meat-junk. Put your dog on a protein-rich, meat-free diet — and watch them thrive.

✔️ Clean Protein
31% complete protein in every scoop.

✔️ Meaty Flavor
Natural umami taste that dogs go wild for.

✔️ Complete Nutrition
Veterinarian developed with superfood ingredients (and zero junk).

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Clean-Protein Dog Food (18 LB Bag)

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Clean-Protein Dog Food (4 LB Bag)

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What Customers Are Saying

Jordan B.

I first saw Wild Earth on Shark Tank and was instantly sold. We took advantage of the pre-order special and our dogs LOVE the Wild Earth kibble! They get so excited when they see they see us grab the bag (beautiful packaging by the way). Knowing our dogs are getting the nutrients they need, without all the byproducts and fluff, is a great feeling.

Kathy M.

My dog Georgia loved this food immediately! I’m very happy with the ingredients and hope this food helps her in her declining years.

Richard B.

I'm feeding both my golden retriever and pug your food and they absolutely love it. My golden is so picky and this is the first time she eats immediately. Thank so much for creating this food that's in line with my values, but also ensuring my dogs get the nutrition they need.

Paul W.

I have 4 dogs all with different food allergies. This is the best food on the market with the least amount of allergens for them. We recently found out about their allergies and the three leading wild earth competitors have a ton of ingredients that they are highly allergic too. This product couldn’t have came at a better time. Not to mention they all love it so much.

Amy C.

The moment I opened the bag our two dogs swarmed me to get more sniffs, and they really chowed down when it was time to feed. I'm so excited to be able to feed them such high quality food that doesn't contribute to animal cruelty and is environmentally friendly, too!

Scott O.

Our Pip is a super fussy eater about to tuck-in! We usually have to do a whole song and dance with his kibble to get him to eat but with Wild Earth, he loves it straight-out of the bag. What good is dog food that is healthy for your dog and the planet if they won't eat it, bravo to you guys for accomplishing all three!

Superfood Dog Treats With Koji

Banana & Cinnamon

Bananas are a great source of potassium and magnesium, and vitamins B6 and C and cinnamon may support periodontal functions by promoting a proper balance of oral flora.

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Strawberry & Beet

Beets are a rich source of phytonutrients, which help support a healthy heart and liver function while strawberries are full of antioxidants, boast high fiber and have a lot of vitamin C.

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Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great source of protein, vitamins, and healthy fats. It also contains fiber, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins E and B6.

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We’re on a Mission to Reinvent Pet Food

"Why? Because the ingredients found in typical pet food aren’t clean, healthy or sustainable. We re-discovered an ancient miracle protein source that solves these problems — and dogs are going wild for it."

- Ryan Bethencourt, CEO

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