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Experience nutritionally complete dog food free from the top food allergens. Cue happy dog, tail-wagging, and zoomies today.


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Performance & Maintenance Formulas

Make the switch today to America’s #1 plant-based dog food brand. We’ve taken 5 years of customer feedback to develop even better tasting and more allergy-relieving formulas that offer complete and balanced nutrition for your best friend. Take our quiz to find out which formula is right for your dog.

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Your best friend deserves a meal that helps them play longer, zoomie faster, and snuggle happier. That’s why each ingredient was specifically chosen for targeted health benefits.

Delicious Drool-Inducing Flavors

Our food options are healthy, rich in nutrients, and full of flavor. Your dog will be tail-wagging, salivating and gobbling it down at every meal.

Veterinarian-Developed & Approved

Our recipes were expertly crafted by veterinarians and food scientists to ensure complete & balanced head-to-paw nutrition.

Complete & High-Quality Protein

We use only clean, sustainable, and tasty yeast and plant derived proteins that offer more protein by weight than traditional dog foods.

Total Body Health Benefits

Our carefully crafted recipes contain ingredients that support digestion, strong muscles, and a healthy skin and coat.

The Wild Earth Effect is Real

Over 5,000+ 5-Star Reviews

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Tina M.

After a lot of testing Olive was diagnosed with an allergy to most proteins (meat based). After researching vegan/vegetarian dog treats we found Wild Earth. Olive is in HEAVEN! Highly recommend for any dog with allergies or food sensitivities. Great Product!

Dogs Thrive With Us

86% of our customers reported health

improvements after switching to Wild Earth.

Here are just some of their reported benefits:


Itchy paws? Digestion issues? Our plant-based recipes helped these pups overcome their allergies.

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We Reinvented Dog Food

Dogs have evolved and are classified as omnivores, not carnivores. That means they don’t need meat to thrive. In fact, a recent study showed that dogs fed a plant-based diet live on average 18 months longer than dogs who eat traditional meat based diets. Afterall, isn’t more time with our pets what we all want.

All of our food formulas contain more healthful and sustainable protein sources – from plants. Making our food the best option for your loving companion and best friend. Start your dog on a better more healthful and long life today. We thank you for joining our mission!