Your Dog Doesn’t Have to Suffer From Allergies

Stop itching and scratching with clean and plant-based dog food!

Does Your Pup Have Allergies?

The most common visible signs of allergies in dogs include:

Itching & Scratching

Problems & Red Bellies


What are the Most Common Allergy Triggers for Dogs?

Beef, pork, egg, lamb, soy, chicken, rabbit, dairy, and fish. Wild Earth contains ZERO of these allergens!


Don’t Dogs
Need Meat?

Not exactly.

Dogs are omnivores. What they need is a complex mix of nutrients, protein, amino acids, and of course—rich, tasty meals. All of which can come from plants.

Our recipe features all the goodness your pup needs to live a happy, healthy life. Try our clean, complete food today and see why plant-based is more natural than you’d think!

Irresistible Taste, Irrefutable Benefits

Our not-so-secret ingredient, a protein powerhouse that is sustainably sourced and even used to make lesser dog foods taste better. Yeast is the future!

Sweet Potato
You know how tasty sweet potatoes are, and they’re high in fiber and a vitamin-dense root. Roasted goodness.

A small pea with big time superfood nutrition. Calories, protein, iron, fiber and a simple carbohydrate. What’s not to love about chickpeas?

Another superfood? Yes! Spinach is loaded with iron and vitamin E and magnesium. Not your average leafy green.

Mix it all together into a protein-packed, superfood formula to help dogs thrive from the inside out. Each piece of the puzzle helps dogs maintain a healthy weight, boost their energy and reduce inflammation in the body.


Let’s Reinvent
Dog Food

At its core, there’s an unhealthy meat dependency in pet food. Most of the time, meat in your pet food means: Bad ingredients. Bad practices. And bad health.

Which is bad news for pets, pet parents, and the planet. So we made a new kind of dog food—a better one. We thank you for supporting our mission!