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Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Guide

by Andrew Ehlert

The Australian shepherd dog breed is one of the most popular breeds in the US. This is a herding dog that was originally bred to work on farms and ranches. They are intelligent, obedient, and highly trainable so they can be trained to do just about anything their owner wants them to. In this article we will learn more about the Australian Shepherd dog breed and help you understand if it is a good dog breed for your family.

What Is An Australian Shepherd?

An Australian shepherd is a medium-sized herding dog that was originally used for sheep and cattle farming in Australia. The Australian shepherd is known as a "working dog". They are known for their high energy levels and their love of swimming, which they use when working in Australia's harsh outback. Australian Shepherds come in three coat colors: red; black & tan; blue merle (a mix of gray, brownish-black, and white). The Australian Shepherd can be trained as a service dog for people who need assistance or mobility dogs for those that have trouble walking far distances.

The Australian shepherd dog breed is one of the smartest breeds out there. They are in high demand for herding, agility, and obedience competitions on a national level. Australian shepherds come from a long line of sheepherders who were bred to work hard under difficult conditions. Their instincts have carried through into this modern-day; making them an excellent choice as service dogs. If you're looking for a new furry addition to your family that will be both energetic and loyal, give the Australian shepherd dog breed some consideration.

The History of Australian Shepherds

The Australian Shepherd is a breed that has a rich history. This breed can be traced back to the early 1800s when European immigrants moved to North America, bringing their livestock with them, and needed help in driving the cattle from Texas up north for slaughtering purposes. The people of these new colonies began breeding very hardy animals which would also serve as herding dogs; this included border collies, German shepherds, and other breeds considered tough enough for such an undertaking. These were then bred together over time until they eventually became one single dog: the Australian shepherd! They are not strictly used as herding dogs anymore but rather have grown into being more well-known as family pets or companion animals.

Unique Characteristics of Australian Shepherd

The Australian shepherd is a medium-sized breed of herding dog. The Australian shepherd has been bred to be a working dog, and it excels at gathering livestock and moving them over vast distances and rough terrain. It's similar to the border collie in temperament, but it has a more rugged coat than the border collie. Unlike some other breeds of herding dogs, Australian shepherds typically don't have the instinct to nip or bite sheep or cattle.

In Australia's terrain, Australian shepherds were originally bred to herd cattle across the rough outback. They are a very intelligent and trainable breed of dog that is loyal and protective. Their intelligence makes them great search-and-rescue dogs as well.

The average Australian shepherd can reach anywhere from 18 inches to 25 inches in height, with an average weight of 45 pounds for males and 35 pounds for females. The Australian shepherd has short hair with varying shades of reds, blues, or blacks mixed into its coat colors. When born these puppies come in different color combinations such as black/white, blue merle (a mix between brownish gray and dark charcoal), mahogany, and red.

The Australian shepherd can live up to 12-15 years on average, much longer than most breeds of dogs! This is due in large part to their low incidence of cancerous tumors or other diseases that shorten the lifespan for many dog breeds.

Why Your Family Should Adopt An Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds are typically thought of as working dogs but they are great family dogs. Aussies love being in family settings and typically are great with new people or playing with other animals. Aussies also make great partners for those with physical disabilities as well!

If you love the outdoors and want a dog who will follow you there, an Australian shepherd is a perfect dog for you. There are plenty of Australian shepherds available for adoption in shelters and rescue centers. However, if you want to adopt an Australian shepherd dog and already own one, make sure that your Australian shepherd has been obedience trained and vaccinated appropriately.

Aussies love children and will play with them all day long! An Australian shepherd may also help protect your child from threatening adults by alerting you of their presence nearby. You should always teach your Australian shepherds good behavior early on so that they obey commands when needed later on down the road.

Common Health issues of Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are a breed that is prone to certain health conditions. Owners of this dog need to be aware and watchful when it comes to these illnesses, so they can quickly seek medical treatment if needed. Aussies can be susceptible to allergies so we recommend you read our Australian Shepherd Allergies Guide.

Australian shepherds are medium-size breeds and have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They suffer from the same common health issues as other breeds such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, etc. Hip Dysplasia occurs frequently in this breed because they tend to be heavier than most dog breeds on average and it affects their bone structure causing them pain when running or jumping. Epilepsy can also happen if there`s been some trauma to the brain or even genetic factors which cause seizures due to abnormal electrical activity within the cortex of the brain. Hypothyroidism is another fairly frequent occurrence with Australian Shepherds because genetics plays a huge role in development so you might even see this in littermates.

Overall, Australian Shepherds are considered to be a healthy dog breed. You can learn if Australian Shepherds are hypoallergenic in our new article. Some Aussies will suffer from season allergies which is why many dog owners give Benadryl to their dogs when their symptoms are bad.

How To Take Care of An Australian Shepherd

It is important that you exercise Australian shepherds regularly to keep them healthy and happy. Aussies typically have a high energy level that requires them to receive consistent exercise and play time in order to stay well behaved.

Brush your Australian shepherd at least once per week with a stiff brush or rubber curry comb to remove loose hair and mats from the coat as well as kill off any bugs living in it.

The Australian Shepherd is very high energy so they need plenty of exercises every day! If you are not able to give them this much daily then make sure there are periods during which they can run free but be careful about letting them roam around unsupervised because these dogs will chase just about anything they see. If they are your only pet, make sure you have a well-fenced and secure yard for them to play in.

In terms of diet, Australian shepherds do very well on high-quality dog food appropriate for their age, breed, size, and life stage. They don't need any extra supplements so just feed them according to the instructions on the bag! It is recommended that dogs get at least one meal per day but if they are getting more than this then make sure it is divided into two or three smaller meals throughout the day rather than all in one large feeding because this will help avoid obesity issues later on down the track as these dogs can become quite chunky if not monitored carefully.

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