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Can Dogs Eat Beets? Are They Good For Dogs?

by Andrew Ehlert

Surprisingly enough, vegetables are not only important to humans for our health, but also for any dog lover out there. Beetroot is low-calorie and contains many essential nutrients that promote a happy and healthy life. Is your pup curious about whether he or she can have beets?

Can Dogs Eat Beets?

Yes, dogs can eat beets as long as they are served in moderation and prepared in a safe manner! Dogs can benefit from beets as an occasional part of their diet, but it is important to limit the intake.

Beets can provide several micronutrients to dogs like Vitamin C, fiber, manganese and potassium. These are just a few of the benefits that beets provide for your dog's health and coat. It is common for veterinarians to suggest adding beets to the diet when a dog has issues with fur loss, stomach problems or unhealthy eating habits.

Like people, it's important for a dog to maintain a balanced diet where they are getting both some fruits and vegetables. According to some dog nutritionist, 10-15% of an average dog's diet should be from nutrient rich additives such as fruit or veggies. Beets can be considered one good option for making up this percentage!

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Beets

Dogs and humans benefit from beets as this food contains important vitamins and minerals. The main benefit of beets is a diet that boosts both dogs' and humans' digestive systems.

Many dogs are recommended beets when they are struggling with an upset stomach, digestive issues, skin or coat issues, or if they are struggling to consume the required amount of vitamin and nutrients.

Other potential health benefits of beets for dogs:

  • Help to improve the health of your dogs immune system.
  • Help to improve the health of your dogs skin and fur.
  • Help to settle a dogs stomach or help to improve the health of their digestive track.

How to Serve Beets for Dogs

There are many different ways to prepare beets for your dog. Try a few of them out and see which technique is easiest for you, as well as what your dog likes best.

1. Only Feed Your Dog Organic Beets

Although dogs' stomachs may seem invincible, vegetables can have pesticides and chemical ingredients in them. Eating organic beets reduces a dog's exposure to pesticides. Plus, the general idea of organic farming is more sustainable than other types of production when it comes to feeding all living things.

2. Always Wash the Beets Prior To Giving Them To Your Dog

Before cooking vegetables, make sure to wash them so they are as clean as possible. Beets can be dirty of contain contaminants on the surface of the skin from the farming and transportation process.

Even before cooking, a quick rinse will help clear any remaining germs or pesticides.

3. Serve Beets In Smaller Pieces

Beets and other vegetables can present a problem for dog’s stomachs. That’s why if you want to feed your pup raw beets, it’s best to either purée or mash them down so they are soft and easily consumable.

To start the process of mashing or puréeing beets, make sure they are first softened by cutting into small pieces and then blanching them in boiling water.

The result will be a consistent beet mash that can be mixed into your dog’s regular meal or served on its own.

4.Don't Put Seasonings On Your Beets

Although seasoning can be great for humans, it has a different effect on dogs. Dogs don’t react to seasonings in the same way as we do, so too much of it could make them ill if they had eaten vegetables that were heavily seasoned. Avoid dangerous seasonings when giving vegetables to your dog.

5. Only Give Your Dog Beets In Moderation

Beets should only be given to your dog in moderation in order to avoid overfeeding your dog. Beets and other vegetables should only be a small percentage of your dogs overall diet. These additional snacks can provide additional vitamins and nutrients to your dogs diet.

Consult With Your Vet Prior To Giving Your Dog New Foods

When adding beets to your dog's diet, consult a veterinarian first. In most cases of dogs, they benefit from the addition of beets to their diet, but it is always wise to make sure for all situations before taking any chances with your furry friend.

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