Do Dobermans Shed? How To Manage Shedding
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Do Dobermans Shed? How To Manage Shedding

by Andrew Ehlert

The Doberman is a large dog popularly known for its guarding abilities. They’re loyal, intelligent, and have an athletic build. But do Dobermans shed?

Dobermans shed, but they are moderate shedders. Dobies are single-coated breeds, meaning they do not have a thick undercoat. Though they shed throughout the year, you will never see dog hairballs on the floor.

Do Dobermans Shed?

Yes, Dobermans shed a moderate amount compared to other dog breeds. Dobermans’ shedding frequency is normal, but some dogs can shed more than others. Female Dobermans shed more than males, especially when pregnant. The exact amount of shedding from this breed will vary depending on the individual dog as well as other factors.

Why Do Doberman Shed?

Despite being moderate shedders, some dogs can shed a lot. The exact reason that your dog sheds will vary from dog to dog. There are also external reasons that may cause your dog to shed more frequently compared to other dogs. Below are some of the reasons that cause excessive shedding in Dobies.

Skin Allergies

Many dogs lose their hair due to skin conditions or allergies, and Dobermans aren’t exceptions.

The most undesirable condition is perhaps demodectic mange. This condition makes your furry friend have unappealing bald patches throughout their bodies.

Parasites like fleas and Giardia can also cause gradual hair loss in Dobermans.


Nutritious meals play a vital role in your dog’s overall health. Any dog should get a balanced diet. A lack of essential minerals and vitamins can cause Dobermans to lose hair excessively. Also, introducing new food suddenly can lead to hair loss.


Not all shampoos are ideal for your dog, especially Dobermans with sensitive skin. Some shampoos contain dangerous chemicals which affect your dog’s skin. As a result, your Doberman loses a large amount of hair.


Hair loss can indicate your Doberman is suffering from a certain disease. For example, cancer can lead to abnormal shedding or make dogs lose all their fur.

Doberman pinschers are susceptible to alopecia, which may lead to hair loss.

It’s advisable to consult your veterinarian if you don’t know the cause of your dog’s shedding.


Stress is one of the main reasons Dobermans shed hair more than usual. Your dog’s anxiety and mental stress can be due to various causes. These include moving to a new house, unpleasant surroundings, missing one member of the family, change in routine, or having a new family member, either a baby, a guest, or a new pet.

Another cause of excessive shedding in Dobermans is irregular or poor grooming. You need to brush your Doberman’s coat at least once a week.

How To Manage Doberman Shedding

Do Dobermans shed? Dobies shed, and you must learn to manage their shedding.

All pet parents want their Dobermans to be happy and, at the same time, want their homes clean. One of the ways to keep a clean home is to manage the amount of dog fur in the house.

Below are tips for managing your Doberman’s shedding.


You can significantly reduce your Doberman’s shedding through frequent grooming and brushing. Grooming your Doberman is very simple; it takes only a few minutes, and you are done.

Use a rubber grooming mitt or a stiff bristle brush to brush your dog. Do this once a week to remove loose hair from your Doberman’s coat. As a result, you will see less or no hair in your house.

Increase the grooming and brushing frequency during the seasons your Doberman sheds a lot.

Besides making your Doberman coat appealing, grooming distributes natural oils evenly throughout your dog’s coat and improves blood circulation. This enhances your dog’s appearance and overall health.


Regular bathing can be more beneficial to your Doberman than other dog breeds. However, bathing your dog more often can lead to the loss of natural oils from his skin and coat, which causes skin irritation and eventually hair loss.

It is advisable to bathe your Doberman once a month. Ensure you use warm water when cleaning your dog.

Use Appropriate Shampoo

Don’t use commercial-grade shampoos for bathing your Doberman since these dogs have sensitive skin.

Select a shampoo made for dogs with sensitive skin since they do not cause any irritation to your dog’s skin. An ideal option is an oatmeal-based shampoo that helps calm and soothes the skin.

Avoid using anti-shed shampoos on Dobermans. These dog breeds are moderate shedders and lack a double coat.

Proper Nutrition

Dobermans must get the required nutrients to have smooth and shiny coats.

Purchase dog foods with the right amount of proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, and other minerals. A balanced diet will make your Doberman live a long, healthy life characterized by low shedding.

Dobermans usually suffer from bloat. Ensure you give them wet food together with their dry kibble to reduce or prevent bloat. Slow feeders also ensure Dobermans don’t wolf down their food and develop bloat.


The dog food should contain all the nutrients that your Doberman requires. However, if you suspect your dog doesn’t get the proper vitamins and minerals from the food you give them, you should try giving your dog additional supplements in the form of dog supplements.

Some supplements can benefit your Doberman’s coat. For example, multivitamin supplements with fish oils offer omega-3 fatty acids, which help your dog develop a healthy coat. Such Dobies are unlikely to suffer from excessive shedding.

To ensure your dog’s coat is always in good condition, serve your Doberman kibble with olive oil or sardines.

Never give supplements to your dog without the veterinarian’s recommendation. The vet must examine your Dobie and suggest suitable supplements.


Dobermans require proper exercise coupled with a balanced diet because they are guarding dogs. These exercises help to improve their blood circulation, stimulating hair follicles that greatly promote your dog’s coat.

Another thing to manage your Doberman shedding is deworming your dog. Some parasites can make your dog lose hair. Deworming will eliminate such parasites and prevent excessive shedding.

Final Thoughts On Doberman Shedding

Do Dobermans shed? Yes, Dobermans shed moderately. You don’t have to worry about shedding if you want to keep a Doberman in your home. You can easily manage their shedding habits through bathing, frequent brushing, and using ideal dog shampoos.

Regular grooming will ensure you have a clean home free from hair mess. It’s also essential to give your Doberman a well-balanced diet for them to have a vibrant, shiny coat.

Dobies’ excessive shedding might occur due to skin allergies, poor diet, stress, and diseases. Consult the vet if your Doberman’s shedding is abnormal.

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