Lilac French Bulldog - Breed History & Facts
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Lilac French Bulldog - Breed History & Facts

by Andrew Ehlert

The lilac French bulldog is a striking dog with a distinctive appearance. If you think you would like to adopt one of these dogs, you must understand its characteristics and learn about its history so you can provide the best care.

What Is A Lilac French Bulldog?

A Lilac French Bulldog is also known as an Isabella Frenchie is a type of French Bulldog that has a unique lilac color shade on its fur. The lilac color is often considered to be a light gray or even referred to as blue by some dog parents. The unique fur and coat color comes from a recessive gene which makes it rare compared to other more popular fur colors for Frenchies.

Lilac French Bulldog Breed History

The French bulldog’s origins stretch back to 19th-century France. Breeders cross-bred the English miniature bulldog with the pug and terrier breeds, resulting in the French bulldog.

The lilac variety of the French bulldog is just one of several color types. However, it’s undoubtedly one of the rarest. It’s so rare, in fact, that only expert breeders are able to achieve it without engaging in any harmful inbreeding.

The lilac French bulldog is a subcategory of the blue variety. That is because lilac French bulldogs have the same blue gene, combined with the chocolate gene. Chocolate is another French bulldog variety. In other words, lilac French bulldog breeders must ensure that the parents of each dog carry genes for both blue and chocolate colors, resulting in the BbDD genotype.

Characteristics of the Lilac French Bulldog

Below is information on some of the most important lilac French bulldog characteristics.


This breed is relatively tame and can even be quite affectionate with its owners. They’re easy to train and don’t make a lot of noise or show aggression to begin with. They also like to receive lots of attention and stimulation, so they’re an excellent choice for anyone looking for a social pet.

Physical Characteristics

Interestingly, a lilac French bulldog has a blue coat when it’s born. Only the breeder knows whether the dog’s coat is likely to change to lilac when it’s older. Lilac French bulldogs almost always have eyes with a noticeably light color, such as pale gray or blue, and sometimes even amber.

Like other French bulldogs, the lilac variation has a short coat with smooth hair that is easy to groom. Usually, you just need to brush this breed once a week. Make sure the brush doesn’t have overly stiff or harsh bristles, as that may scratch your dog’s skin.

Caring for the Lilac French Bulldog

You should care for the lilac French bulldog in the same way you do other French bulldogs by keeping up meticulous grooming and attentive care. In addition to grooming, make sure you attend to the following needs because they are essential to your dog’s well-being.

Shield Their Skin

As the lilac French bulldog has a thin coat and sensitive skin, you will have to protect it from the sun when you bring your dog outside. Try to keep your dog in the shade as much as possible to avoid harsh sunlight, and invest in a sunscreen formulated for dogs. It is common for some French Bulldogs to suffer from allergies and skin allergies so be prepared to help them feel comfortable.

Protect Their Feet

Lilac French bulldogs have sensitive paw pads and feet. In the winter, owners should provide booties for their French bulldogs to wear. In the summer, they should refrain from exposing their dog’s feet to hot pavements and other surfaces.

Know the Common Health Problems

The lilac French bulldog’s flat face means it’s prone to breathing problems. Any dog with this type of physiology is called brachycephalic. This means you will have to be careful not to overexpose your dog to humid conditions, or they could have a significantly hard time breathing. French bulldogs, in general, have a worrying tendency to become overweight and obese, but you should never expect this type of dog to exercise in hot summer weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re curious to learn more about this breed, keep reading to find some other facts about lilac French bulldogs.

What is an Isabella French bulldog?

You may sometimes hear enthusiasts refer to lilac French bulldogs as Isabella French bulldogs. The Isabella name is attached to dogs that have the dilute genotype when it comes to coat coloration, meaning the color of their fur isn’t as deeply pigmented.

Are lilac French bulldogs rare?

Yes, and in fact, they’re so rare you sometimes don’t see lilac listed as one of the color varieties in French bulldogs. It takes an expert breeder’s experience and knowledge to breed a lilac French bulldog without the health problems created by inbreeding. This is why you should never buy a lilac French bulldog from a disreputable breeder or for too low a price.

How do you groom a lilac French bulldog?

Lilac French bulldogs have special grooming needs. These include not only the brushing we talked about earlier but also cleaning the skin folds on the lilac French bulldog’s face. Always thoroughly dry the folds afterward. If you leave them wet, this dog could end up with a fungal skin infection.

Are lilac French bulldogs prone to food allergies?

Compared to other breeds, the French bulldog is more prone to food allergies. This is something you will need to remember, as the effects of these allergies may be severe.

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