Superfoods for Dogs: Five Foods to Bring into Your Dog’s Diet Today
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Superfoods for Dogs: Five Foods to Bring into Your Dog’s Diet Today

by Wes Chang
We all know that a healthy diet is important to ensure we are feeling our best. “Superfoods” help us feel energized and are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that we need. But did you know that there are superfoods for our canine friends too? What we put in our dog’s bodies matters as much as what we put into our own. Contrary to popular belief, dogs need a balanced diet with plenty of different sources of protein, vitamins and minerals, not just meat. Like us, they may have certain health issues that can be relieved naturally through food, rather than using medicines to treat them. Here at Wild Earth, our dog food is full of the amazing nutrients we know dogs need to run fast, play hard and have fun with their humans. Read on to learn about plant-based superfoods for canines and the formula for our special food!

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a rockstar food for dogs. They contain tons of fiber that helps dogs digest, and also contain vitamins like C, B6 and A. Plus, they’re low in fat and delicious too! Dogs like the sweet taste so they’re a perfect treat for them. You can add boiled sweet potatoes to a dog’s kibble, and you can also find them in our food!


Besides being absolutely delicious, blueberries also contain tons of unique nutrients that are hard to find in other foods. Their beautiful color comes from potent antioxidants. Blueberries also contain Vitamins C and E, manganese and of course, fiber. You can find blueberries in our food or introduce them to your dog directly as a treat, but if you do decide to feed your pup fresh blueberries, be mindful not to give them too much (they can give dogs stomach issues in large quantities).


Oats are a fantastic source of fiber, which older dogs especially need. Oatmeal also contains vitamin B and linoleic acid, which helps keep your dog’s skin clear and healthy. Of course, we included this superfood in our formula, but you can also feed dogs oats directly—as long as they are cooked and do not have any other flavorings or additives.


Both dogs and humans that eat plant-based diets rely heavily on this delicious legume, and for good reason! We included it in our formula because chickpeas are a great way to get your dog potassium, magnesium, folate, and Vitamins B, C and A. Make sure, however, that you give your dog chickpeas either through their dog food or cooked on their own. Do not feed a dog seasoned chickpeas or hummus, since there are ingredients in many hummuses like lemon that can be toxic for dogs. Try to avoid feeding dogs canned chickpeas, because they can be high in sodium.


Pumpkin is a doggy gut miracle. Pumpkin can often solve many common stomach issues that dogs have, including both diarhhea and constipation. But they don’t just help dogs’ digestion—pumpkin is also great for their eyes, their skin and coat, their immune system and their urinary health. Pumpkin contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals including lots of Vitamin A, magnesium, iron, potassium, and folate. We made sure to include pumpkin in our formula because we are impressed with everything this orange superfood can achieve! But you can also feed your dog simple canned pumpkin as an extra treat or if they are having tummy trouble. Just make sure to check that the pumpkin you buy isn’t intended as a pie filling, because those have added sweeteners which your dog won’t be able to digest properly. You can also feed your dog ground up pumpkin seeds, sparingly. We also include pumpkin in our treats!

Dogs Need A Balanced Diet Too

There are many great foods besides a simple carnivorous diet that are fantastic for dogs. Like humans, they need a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, and they digest better when they have lots of fiber in their daily food. We want to make it as easy as possible to take care of your dog and give them everything that they need, which is why we have worked diligently to create the world’s first nutrient-complete plant-based dog food. Traditional kibble is cheap and convenient, but like any fast food, they’re full of nasty things you don’t want your dog eating. In fact, many kibbles contain meat products from diseased animals. In order to kill off the bacteria, mainstream dog food companies highly process their foods. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your dog’s health—or your values—to have a convenient, delicious food that they will love. So, we started with the best superfoods we could find when we created Wild Earth. We’re pretty happy with what we made—and we hope you will be too!

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