Why Dogs Nibble On Blankets
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Why Dogs Nibble On Blankets

by Andrew Ehlert

Dogs nibble on blankets for a surprisingly large number of reasons. Some nibbling is out of boredom, or as a reaction to an itch, they can't reach. Another nibbling may be due to separation anxiety and the dog's need for comfort from you. Most dogs nibble because it feels good - like chewing gum! And some nibbles may happen because your dog wants you to take notice and give them attention.

Your dog be trying to get your attention

If your dog is nibbling on you, they might be trying to get your attention. Be sure that the loud noise gets their nibbles corrected. If it's something important like food or water then make sure they can have some as soon as possible.

Dogs may be trying to get your attention by nibbling on your blanket or even trying to nibble on you! If this happens, the best thing is to let them know that they are being too rough. Many dogs don't have a great sense of what's okay and not okay when it comes to playing biting so if your dog gets carried away while nibbling then be sure that their little nibbles get corrected with loud noises like "Ouch". This might seem to mean but the loud noise is intended to let your dog know that nibbling on you isn't okay.

Dogs may try to nibble on a blanket to get someone's attention - Loud noises are used to correct those nibbles if they're too rough - This could indicate an urgent need for food/water/attention so take care of it right away!

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They are bored and need something to do

A dog's favorite blanket is the best thing to nibble on when they are bored. If you're wondering what this could mean, it simply means that a dog thinks of its owner's blanked as its toy and will nibble on it for fun. When your pup sees you with the blanket, he'll think "Oh good! I get another chance to play!" Dogs often bring toys, so why not blankets too? It makes sense if we consider how much dogs love their owners' scent which can be found all over our clothes and belongings. Tugging at the blanket also provides an opportunity for some gentle exercise since many pups love running around tug-of-war-style games with their or other pets.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you're going to let your dog nibble on the blanket. First of all, never leave them alone with it or they might end up swallowing parts of it and choking their way to an emergency vet visit. Secondly, make sure that there are no loose threads near any area where he can get his tongue around since these could also become lodged within the throat. Finally, double-check for dye stains that may be poisonous so as not to poison your pup!

The blanket smells like you

Your dog is not trying to get back at you, he just loves the smell of his favorite blanket and cannot resist nibbling on it! It’s a good thing that this doesn’t hurt anybody because if they did then we would be in some big trouble with our pets or worse yet, have them all become full-grown wolves in our homes.

If you have a nibbling dog or puppy, some things can be done to help stop them from nibbling on their blanket. First of all, make sure that the blanket is not something they might choke on like tassels or pieces that could potentially come off and become stuck in your pet’s throat. Make sure it is washable for when accidents happen because dogs sometimes decide to nibble at dirty items instead of clean ones. You could also try putting hot sauce or cayenne pepper onto the corner where your dog usually bites first as this may deter him/her but make sure you do not get any inside their mouth!

There are other options out there if these don't work for you. Some pet owners use an anti-nibble spray that they can put onto their dog's favorite blanket or toy to keep them from nibbling on it, but make sure you do not get the product in your dog’s eyes and nose! There are sprays available for this purpose like Bitter Apple Spray which is a safe solution if nibbles are just becoming a problem with your dog because of boredom.

Your dog nibbles on your blanket because he loves you and wants to be close to you. It's his way of showing how much he cares about you, whether it's after a long day or just having dinner together! If your dog is nibbling on anything other than its bed, then there may be an underlying issue that needs checking out by a professional immediately.

Training a dog not to nibble on blankets

Dogs love nibbling on blankets, pillows, and other dog bedding. This is a natural behavior for them to engage in as they were once used to seek comfort from their mothers by snuggling against her fur or through sucking at the nipple of her mother's teat. It takes time and patience but training your dog not to nibble can be done successfully with some consistency and diligence. Here are three ways you can try:

First, spray your blanket or pillow that he likes chewing with Bitter Apple Spray (available at most pet supply stores). Most dogs will stop immediately after tasting this bad taste!

Second, try tucking the blanket or pillow into his dog bed. If he likes nibbling at it while it's out in the open that is one thing but if you can contain him to nibble on just one place (such as inside a dog bed) then this will help reduce overall chewing and nibbling.

Third, take away any opportunity for your dog to have access to blankets until you have completely trained him not to nibble them. This means never leaving them lying around where he could get hold of them so always putting used blankets straight into washing machines after use.

Fourth, provide him an appropriate object such as his chew toy which he loves so much more than your blanket.

Lastly, teach him the command "Leave it!" when he tries nibbling on something off-limits. This can be done through positive reinforcement techniques such as with treats or by giving your dog a toy to chew instead of your blanket after they have obeyed the Leave It! command successfully.

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