Why Dogs Sit On Your Feet
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Why Dogs Sit On Your Feet

by Andrew Ehlert

What's cuter than a dog sitting on your feet? Not much! This is one of the most common questions I get asked. It seems like no matter how hard you try, dogs sit on your feet. And for those people who love dogs and want to know why they sit on our feet so often, here are reasons why:

Dogs want to be close to you

They sit at your feet and want to be as close as possible. Dogs sit next to you on the couch, sit by your feet while cooking dinner, sit under a desk during work hours, sit outside of doors when you are gone from home…they just want to be with you. When they have separation anxiety it can become very stressful for both dog and owner because dogs do not understand that their owners will come back. Separation anxiety is quite common in puppies but may also develop into adulthood if a pup does not learn that being apart from his or her family members is normal and safe. If there has been a significant change in routine or environment it could trigger this behavior – like moving homes or having new people around frequently (new baby, new roommate).

Dogs love to be close to you, sit next to you on the couch, or sit by your feet while they rest on top of them. Dogs are loyal creatures who want nothing more than for us humans to treat them well and give them affection when needed. They understand that we provide food, shelter, and water for them so it's only fair that they do whatever is necessary to repay our kindnesses.

You can also teach a dog tricks that will help keep him entertained such as sitting down like he has been taught before dinner every night until told otherwise (or if asked nicely). He'll get excited at meal times because he knows he gets fed after performing this trick.

Your Dog is Trying to Get Your Attention

Your dog is trying to get your attention when he puts his feet on you or sits in front of you. Dogs sit or put their feet up on things they like and want closer to them, such as a person. If your dog wants something specific from you (like going for a walk), try giving him what he wants before asking anything from him!

The more excited he gets while doing these behaviors the better. This means that it's an effective way for getting his needs met! It might seem silly at first but after some time, your pup will realize that this behavior makes people pay attention to him which then leads to receiving what he desires most, attention is one of those things.

This may also mean there are times where your dog does sit or put his feet up on you when he's not happy too, but this is much less common.

Don't worry! This behavior won't hurt you in any way and if anything it will make both of the pups happier as they get what they each want from one another. Your dog might even think that putting his feet on you means "I love you" since those are usually reserved for times where a pup feels very secure and safe with someone. If there is ever an instance where this doesn't seem to be true feel free to tell him off by saying something like “no” firmly without yelling at him so he understands that this isn't acceptable behavior.

Your feet are warm and inviting to Dogs

When a dog approaches you, sit on the ground and allow them to come up to you. Allow them to sniff your feet before petting their head. Let them sit in your lap and give you their paw.

You can also invite a dog to sit with you by simply wiggling the toes on one of your feet. The movement is inviting enough for most dogs, especially if they are hungry or want something from you. They will think that it means "Come here" so this is an easy way to get your pup's attention when they are at your feet or any other distance away! If he/she doesn't come over right away, take two steps toward him while using foot language (see above). He'll probably follow you back over to where he was before because now there's food involved.

When you sit down, Dogs are attracted to your feet because they want the warmth. They will sniff at them and sometimes lick them. It is important that when a Dog comes over for this interaction, you remain calm so as not to scare the Dog away. If you are walking around barefoot somewhere where there might be dogs - like outside on grass or concrete - it can be best to wear shoes to avoid dog interactions with your feet.

Your Dog is Afraid or Nervous So It Sits On Your Feet

Dogs will sit on people's feet in an attempt to comfort themselves. If your dog is doing this, it most likely needs a break from whatever situation has upset him. So if you notice that he keeps sitting on your feet and then gets up quickly or seems anxious, give him some space for a few minutes before trying to interact with the animal again.

Sit on people's feet in an attempt to comfort themselves (in situations like stress). Sit down quickly after sitting down and looking anxious means give them some space from the situation causing anxiety yet again before trying socializing with animals again. Also good idea to have the pet checked out by a veterinarian if they're only doing it when standing or walking around because of the possibility of having medical conditions causing pain whenever stand up straight for an extended period (meaning sit on feet and sit down quickly after doing so).

Your Dog is Afraid or Nervous It Sits On Your Feet. If your dog sits on your feet, it's because they need a break from whatever situation seems to be causing them anxiety.

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