Hey CRAVE… Vegan Dogs ARE a thing.

Hey CRAVE… Vegan Dogs ARE a thing.

Recently, Crave Pet Food released a commercial that many folks have seen on TV. In case you haven’t, here’s the premise: dogs and cats of varying sizes are walking ‘the runway’ while heavy rock guitars and drums play in the background. There is no voiceover, just words on the screen. They say:


Ok, we see you Crave! As of writing this, Crave has spent over $3 million running this ad on TV. Makes you wonder - what are they so worried about?

Maybe it’s because vegan dogs ARE a thing. In fact, they’re omnivores. There are thousands of healthy, adorable plant based puppers all around the world. Dogs thrive on vegan, plant based, meat free diets. So, in the spirit of friendly competition - and spreading the truth - Wild Earth put together a commercial of our own. What do you think? 😉

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