Lights, Camera, Action - Meet Wild Earth's Next Top Dog Model Contest Winners!
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Lights, Camera, Action - Meet Wild Earth's Next Top Dog Model Contest Winners!

by Wes Chang
Yesterday we released the finalists of Wild Earth’s Next Top Dog Model contest. Today, though, is a big day. Today we’re announcing the winners! The winners will receive ( ...)
  • A featured spot in our upcoming dog food commercial
  • Wild Earth dog food for life!
  • A free trip to LA for the launch of our dog food
Whew - that is amazing! Thank you to everyone who participated - we are honored and impressed by the time people put into submissions. To hear the incredible stories from all of you made our jobs very tough, but in return very rewarding. This was not an easy decision and we were blown away by how many of you entered your well-loved dogs. In the end, we weren’t able to settle on just 2 winners, but rather 4 - because let’s be real, we’re a bunch of softies.

And Here Are The Winners:


Why Willie: Willie represents everything we are looking for in a dog model. Despite obstacles early in life, he is thriving today on a plant-based lifestyle. At 6 lbs, 6 teeth, and 1 eye - he isn’t your average dog model - just like Wild Earth isn’t your average dog food company!


Why Buttercup: We love Buttercup because she’s using her adorable looks and sassy personality to make a positive impact. Buttercup’s Instagram is full sweet pictures that discuss the importance of conservation, science, and plant-based living - all these things are core to the Wild Earth mission! She is a rescue from the SPCA, plus...look at those ears!

Leia and Zeppelin

Why Leia and Zeppelin: You’d never know it when you saw them, but Leia and Zeppelin didn’t have an easy start to life. We were inspired by their individual stories of perseverance, but what really blew us away was seeing their love for one another. He’s a Pitbull / Boxer mix and she’s a Sheltie - not exactly 2 dogs you’d expect to be best friends - but they are! At Wild Earth, we’re doing the unexpected and for that reason, we picked Leia and Zeppelin. Congratulations to all of our winners!!!

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