New Look, Who Dis?
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New Look, Who Dis?

by Wes Chang
A lot has happened since we recorded for Shark Tank and you might notice we have an all-new look and feel.

Wild Earth brand as seen on Shark Tank

Thanks to our relationship with Leap Venture Studio, the startup accelerator of Mars Petcare and the Michelson Found Animals Foundation, we’ve been deeply engaged in a rebranding process with R/GA. R/GA is a global team of design, media, and strategy geniuses and it’s been a privilege to work with them.

"This rebranding exercise is not a simple matter of a fresh logo and color scheme. It’s a deep exploration of our company’s values – and the values of our customers. It’s a lot of late nights, a lot of growing pains, a lot of research, and a lot of complicated questions we’ve asked ourselves and each other." - Florian Radke, Chief Marketing Officer, Wild Earth Who are we, Wild Earth? Who are our customers? Who are their dogs? Our mission is still creating the perfect food for the pets of people who are animal lovers just like we are. These people are environmentally responsible. They are willing to try new things. And they want their dogs to have a fun culinary experience. Through this process we've had the opportunity to think seriously about these concepts and consider how we express it to the world. Creating a snack for pets using koji – an ingredient typically reserved for Michelin-starred chefs – is a wild idea. It was important to us to communicate that wild idea visually. We want this and all our future products to stand out, not blend in by using the same old-school pet food themes. We want to get your attention and talk to you, so you understand in a matter of seconds who we are and what we believe. So it’s much more than a look; it’s our identity. It’s our philosophy: sustainable gourmet for our pets. And you are someone who (we hope) appreciates that and wants that for your dog. Transparency and dialogue remain just as important as ever, which means we want to hear from you! Check out our new package design and tell us what you think. Direct communication is awesome and wild. You can reach us at, or call us directly at 1-833-WILDPET.

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