Pet Parent Feedback: Taste, Food Allergies, Skin & Coat
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Pet Parent Feedback: Taste, Food Allergies, Skin & Coat

by Wes Chang
Welcome to ‘The Vet’s Corner’. We cover topics ranging from pet parenting, pet health and wellness, current events in pet news and stories from his time running a group of veterinary clinics. I love reading the messages pet parents send us at Wild Earth. The reason I enjoy them so much is that they’re written by people genuinely interested in providing the best care for their best friends. I also see trends in these comments that validate not only our mission as a plant-based pet food company but also in the health benefits of our food. When we started Wild Earth, we wanted to create pet foods that were not only animal-free and environmentally-sustainable, but also nutritious and delicious. I mention taste because many early generation plant-based foods had a reputation of being about as appetizing as cardboard. Even if we were able to make the healthiest, most-sustainable pet food on the planet, if dogs didn’t love it, it wouldn’t help anyone (or anything). That’s why we started investigating yeast and fungal proteins, particularly Japanese koji. Koji is the “secret sauce” of soy sauce, miso soup, bean paste, and saké. This fungal protein provides the savory umami flavor to foods and a powerful boost of amino acids. By incorporating koji and other yeast proteins, we were able to create a dog food in a convenient kibble with a rich, meaty taste - without harming any animals.

Taste and Allergies

Here’s a message we received from Sophie and Queen’s pet parent describing how much they enjoy our food: Sophie (Yellow Lab) and Queen (GSP) both love feeding time now. As a matter of fact, so much so that they track their own feeding time and let us know when it is! I have not seen two happier and healthier dogs since beginning with Wild Earth. And, our journey with Wild Earth began right at the company's inception with dog food because our Sophie girl is allergic to just about everything else. We have not had the issues since. We truly cannot be more thankful that you cared enough to go the lengths it takes to bring something like this to the general puppy-public! May many Blessings be with all of you throughout 2020! Sophie and Queen also illustrate another unique property of our plant-based dog food: No animal proteins means no animal protein allergies. While food allergies in dogs are relatively rare, they are most commonly associated with meats and dairy. Research shows the top three most common food allergens in dogs are: 1) beef, 2) dairy, and 3) chicken. Our plant-based dog food contains no animal-ingredients, thereby eliminating the risk of these allergies. While our dog food is not designed to treat food allergies in dogs, you should talk to your veterinarian about an appropriate elimination diet that doesn’t contain the specific allergens for your dog.

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Skin & Coat

While we’re on the subject of allergies and skin, we receive many comments that our diet has helped their dog’s skin and coat. A dog’s coat quality is an indicator of their overall health and quality of diet. Beckett’s message is an excellent example of how our food helped their skin: My dog Beckett is a tank staffy black lab mix, he absolutely loves the wild earth kibble and his coat looks awesome since he has been eating it, also he has less gas attacks lol great product and I highly recommend it! Our dog food promotes a shiny, healthy coat in part because we add generous amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. I’ve been a strong advocate for omega-3’s for over twenty years, calling them my “desert island supplement.” If I were stranded on an island and could only take one nutritional supplement for me or my pets, I’d choose an algal source of DHA (the most potent omega-3 for health according to research). We added both microalgae and flaxseed into our dog food to amplify these wholesome omega-3’s: Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These essential fatty acids (EFAs) help protect the skin by supporting water impermeability and providing nutritional precursors for healthy hair. Our diet is carefully balanced offering an ideal range of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (3.00% to 1:00%) and an optimal level of zinc. Dietary zinc works with EFAs to help give a dog’s hair gloss, suppleness, and shine while reducing inflammation and promoting skin health.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

Great taste (and it smells delicious too!), no risk of animal-ingredient food allergies, and healthy coats are just a few of the reasons people are praising Wild Earth dog food. If your dog is enjoying our food or you’ve seen a change in their health, drop us a note. We love hearing from pet parents like you who are committed to providing the best life for their best friend while helping reduce climate change and eliminate animal suffering.

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