Rocket Dog Rescue Presents: Virtual Dog Adoption! Saturday, March 28th @ 12 pm PST

Rocket Dog Rescue Presents: Virtual Dog Adoption! Saturday, March 28th @ 12 pm PST

This Saturday, March 28th at 12 pm PST Rocket Dog Rescue is hosting a virtual dog adoption day!

We at Wild Earth LOVE this idea and want to do our part by sharing this event with as many people as possible. 🐶😃🙌💙🐕

Below we've put together some videos of the doggos that will be available for adoption this Saturday - those are some very good boys and girls! 

If you are considering adoption - or know someone who is - please attend and share this event! Let's get these pups into forever homes!

The Details

from Rocket Dog

Here’s how it works:

1. First, meet our wonderful dogs by browsing Rocket Dog's website and Facebook page.

2. Then, If you feel a connection with a pooch, fill out an application on our website for them

3. We’ll set up a virtual Meet and Greet so you can learn all about the dog

4. When it’s a match, we will follow health and safety guidelines to let you meet the dog in person and start a trial adoption. For many of us, shelter-in-place is a great time to bond with your new furry friend!

We wish you could visit with all our adoptable dogs - but until it is safe to do so check either our Facebook or Instagram page starting Saturday the 28th at Noon to see videos of the pups and connect with us - our dogs can’t wait to (virtually) meet you!

virtual dog adoption 

The Pups!!!










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