The State Of Dog Food Today - Factory Farming
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The State Of Dog Food Today

The State Of Dog Food Today - Factory Farming

by Wes Chang
This is part of our series on the state of dog food today. This article covers the forgotten victim in the making of dog food: the factory farmed animals used to make the food. The way we receive our meat -- cut-up and wrapped in plastic from the grocery store, or processed beyond recognition into pet food -- removes us from the brutal reality of how it arrived on our plates. It makes it all too easy to turn a blind eye towards the heartbreaking conditions livestock are forced to endure for the sake of our comfort and convenience. Nutritional deprivation, forced breeding and castration, cramped, unsanitary conditions, depressed, lifeless animals, and premature deaths are not a bug of factory farming -- they’re features. Terms like “cage-free” and “pasture-raised” are primarily marketing designations, with little to no impact on the actual quality of life experienced by these creatures. The naked truth is that the sheer scale of the industry makes animal suffering unavoidable. Factory farms meet the minimum conditions of “keeping the animals alive,” only so they can serve their ultimate purpose as food. These creatures are not just hamburger fodder. All the personality quirks, habits, and preferences of our domesticated animals -- our dog’s goofiness, the rhythm of aloofness and affection from our cats -- bring everyday joy into our lives. Any animal living its best life is as individual, complex, and multifaceted as our pets, and we can strive to honor that through our choices.
The picture is grim, but the solution is simple. Fungi-based proteins like yeast and koji are comprehensive whole food sources containing all the essential proteins and nutrients for our pets to thrive. The production process is completely clean; no animals are harmed, the environmental footprint is much smaller than Big Agriculture, and big bonus points, no rotting flesh involved. It’s also satisfying, savory, and delicious. Simply put -- it’s the future of food. Our planet, through its own natural design, has gifted us the resources to create healthy, thriving lives, for our beloved pets, for all beings, and our ecosystem at large. To contribute to that vision, it is critical that we take an honest look at our consumption choices and see where we can make more ethical, more sustainable, and healthier choices. One of the most seamless ways to do that is through the food that we serve our pets. Commercial pet food is so adulterated that switching over to a purer source of nutrition is a no-brainer decision, one that also has positive ripple effects for our planet and for other living creatures. We created Wild Earth because we felt there was a better way to feed our pets, help the environment and save the lives of needlessly slaughtered animals. Our Clean Protein Dog Food has all the protein and essential nutrients that your dog needs -- without any animal products and a fraction of the environmental impact. With every scoop of Wild Earth food you’ll make your dog healthier, the planet happier and animals in factory farms safer.

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