Wild Earth: Good for Your Dog - Good for the Planet
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Wild Earth: Good for Your Dog - Good for the Planet

by Wes Chang
With global warming and environmental destruction on the rise, we are all thinking about how we can make sustainable choices not just for ourselves, but for our dogs too. Luckily there are many plant-based and vegan food brands out there who believe in the same mission as us. At Wild Earth, we know you want what’s best for your furry friend’s health. That’s why we created our wholesome, plant-based dog food that is full of superfoods your dog will love, and has none of the junk in most mainstream dog food. When you choose our food, your pup will be feeling healthy and strong, and you’ll get to feel great about the food you’re serving them. But did you know that Wild Earth is as good for the planet as it is for your dog? Our slogan is ‘Dog Food Made Better’ - and we don’t just mean better for our pets, but better for the planet too.

How Pets are Ruff-ing Up the Planet

Meat consumption by pets is actually a massive source of carbon emissions; meat-eating by cats and dogs is responsible for 64 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. That’s the equivalent of the annual emissions from nearly 14 million cars! Industrial meat production requires a staggering amount of resources. “Compared to a plant-based diet, meat requires more energy, land and water to produce, and has greater environmental consequences in terms of erosion, pesticides and waste,” said Gregory Okin, a UCLA professor who has studied the environmental impact of pets. A serving of red meat requires 100 times as much land and emits 20 times the greenhouse gases as a serving of vegetables. Our time is running out to slow the impacts of climate change. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we could start to experience catastrophic climate change impacts as soon as 2040 if we don’t significantly rachet down our carbon emissions immediately and prevent the Earth’s temperature from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-Industrial Revolution temperatures. To have a chance at meeting that threshold, we need to reduce global carbon emissions by 45% of what they were in 2010. That’s a big drop—but every action counts, including reducing your pet’s carbon “pawprint”. There are 80 million dogs in the US, so they have a big impact. Collectively, our pets are responsible for 25% of the country’s total meat consumption. Increasingly, humans are turning to plant-based diets to reduce their personal carbon footprints. It’s one of the most effective ways to lessen your strain on the planet—going plant-based can reduce as much as 85% of your carbon emissions. So why not make the planet-wise choice for your pet too?

Plant-Based Power Pups

Some dog owners might be concerned that switching their dog to a plant-based diet will keep them from getting the best nutrition possible. Not. So. Fast. Wild Earth’s formula ensures your pup gets everything they need in their diet—no meat required. It’s a high protein, high fiber food that contains all the essential nutrients they need to thrive. We use ingredients like sweet potato, pumpkin, oats, and more to create our great-tasting, complete and healthy dog food, but our secret weapon is one that humans have used for hundreds of years: YEAST.

It’s Like a Tiny Protein Factory!

We all know yeast is key to beer, bread, and wine, but it also contains essential amino acids and protein that dogs need. We have been able to remove the liquid from fungal yeast and turn it into a perfect building block for our food. Our yeast protein contains up to 49% protein by weight, which is significantly higher than the 24% your dog would get from beef! The cherry on top? It's incredibly sustainable. Yeast can grow in just 3 days and requires far fewer resources than beef - or any other animal-based protein for that matter. Plus, dogs love yeast for its rich umami flavor.

Earth Day, Every Day

On Earth Day and every day, we know you want to feed your dog food that is healthy for them and aligns with your values. At Wild Earth, we love dogs, and we love our planet. It’s better for the earth, better for your pet, and of course, great-tasting too!

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