How Holiday Shipping Delays Will Impact You and Your Pup
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How Holiday Shipping Delays Will Impact You and Your Pup

by Andrew Ehlert

The holiday season is in full swing, and for many of us, that means our dogs (and friends and family) will be on the receiving end of some well-earned gifts. While last-minute gift shopping may be a common trend in years past, the current shipping delays and supply chain issues may cause problems for millions of shoppers this year. You may have heard of some of these issues on the news but in this article, we will help you understand the cause of the issues, what to expect as a consumer, and a few tips and tricks to help your loved ones receive their gifts on time!

Shipping delays and product shortages are expected across all industries from pet products, electronics, clothing, and everything in between. This means the two-day shipping times that many consumers have come accustomed to because of Amazon, might not be readily available throughout the holiday season.

But don't you fear! With some preparation, you can make sure all of your loved ones and their dogs will have gifts this holiday season! Let's learn about the upcoming shipping delays and how to avoid them.

What Is Causing The Holiday Shipping Delays?

There are multiple factors that are causing the recent shipping delays and supply chain issues that have cultivated to create a perfect storm of holiday shipping delays. Some of these issues are related to COVID but others are broader societal changes such as the rapid growth of online shopping. Online shopping is at an all-time high which means more packages than ever are being delivered worldwide. This can cause distribution centers and postal services to be overwhelmed and delay the shipping process.

But there are other unique issues that range from labor shortages, stalled shipping ports, and resource scarcity that are taking this shipping delay issue to the next level. Over the past few weeks, there have been hundreds of cargo ships anchored at ports around the world waiting to unload their goods. In just the two ports outside of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, more than 70 cargo ships were delayed from unloading their goods because of labor shortages, lack of facilities, and the influx of goods.

70 Cargo ships may not sound like much in the grand scheme of things, but that can account for more than 200,000 shipping containers that are sitting idle while the consumer awaits their order. These shipping containers could contain your dog's food, your new computer, clothes you ordered online, or anything in between.

The shipping delays are made even worse once we factor in continued supply shortages and an overall increase in consumer demand. Key resources have seen a dramatic shortage over the past 12 months and some of these resources range from computer chips for cars and electronics, lumber for furniture and manufacturing, and much more. These issues are compounded when you see that consumer spending is actually up even throughout COVID. Many Americans have seen a booming stock market, an increase in home equity value, and even stimulus checks over the past 12 months that have led to an increase in spending. Consumer demand has increased and the supply chain hasn't been able to keep up.

How Can You Beat The Supply Shortages This Holiday Season?

The best-case scenario is that there won't be any delays, but we just want you to be as prepared as possible. The Wild Earth team as well as retailers around the world are doing everything in our power to make sure our products get delivered to you as quickly as possible. But it doesn't hurt to be prepared and to overcommunicate in such a unique situation.

It may sound all doom and gloom, but don't worry, with a few tips and tricks you will be able to get your gifts and orders delivered on time. Below are a few of the best tips for avoiding the shipping delays and supply chain issues that most of the world is currently experiencing.

Get Your Holiday Shopping Done Early!

One of the best ways you can avoid the potential shipping delays this holiday season is to get your shopping done early! It is not the time to wait until the week before the holidays to do your online shopping. There are too many variables and inconsistencies with shipping right now to rely on many of the online retailers.

We have seen many retailers provide pre-Black Friday deals as early as the beginning of November to help alleviate some of the pressure on the shipping delays. You can check out our dog supplements, dog treats, and clean protein dog food if you are looking to spoil a specific pup in your life!

Shop Wild Earth Today!

The Wild Earth team strives to provide our customers and their dogs with their food, supplements, and treats in a timely manner. As the expected increase in online shopping from the holiday season is upon us, we recommend moving your subscriptions ship date forward by two weeks during this period to make sure your pup is never without their necessities. We appreciate your understanding.

Be Prepared For Unexpected Delays & Shipping Issues

While it gets closer and closer to the holiday season you can expect shipping delays and other issues to arise and potentially get worse. One of the best things you can do is shop early and mentally prepare yourself for these issues. This may mean quizzing your loved ones for gift ideas over Thanksgiving week compared to later in the season. The earlier you shop, the safer you will be from unexpected delays.

If you are ordering a product closer to your required delivery date then it may be worth paying extra for expedited shipping or faster forms of shipping. Some retailers will provide a secured shipping option that guarantees delivery by a certain date.

Look For Other Delivery Methods

Many major retail stores now offer curbside pickup or local delivery based on your location. Although most individuals have shifted to only shopping online, it is possible that you can avoid shipping delays and headaches by shopping in your local store or picking up orders from your local store. Maybe a store in the town over from you has the product you need and it is worth driving to go pick it up if the shipping time online is too long. It can be beneficial to be flexible during this period of time.

Shop Local Stores and Products

One of the best ways to avoid potential shipping delays is to buy from local businesses and merchants. This could be shopping at a local farmers market, local online meetup group, finding locals on social media, or other many options! The Wild Earth team currently holds tables at local farmers' markets to help build a more localized connection with our customer base in the area.

Local products can also provide a unique gift for your loved ones that might not be possible from traditional online shopping based on the local handcrafted experience provided.

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