Plant-based decor: Pet-friendly Plants to Brighten Your Home
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Plant-based decor: Pet-friendly Plants to Brighten Your Home

by Katy Murray

We’re a plant-based company so naturally, we love plants! Even the ones you can’t eat. They add beauty to your home, make excellent desk-mates and even purify the air around you. But as you pet parents know, some foliage might have toxic effects on your nosy furballs and fur babies. Looking at you, cats. But never fear, we've compiled a complete guide to pet-friendly plants that are safe for your home.

Here, we’ll feature some easy-care plants and maybe a couple more difficult ones for the experts. Read along for light and water requirements as well as some little tricks to make your plants grow and grow and grow. And grow.

Spider Plant

These leggy plants get their name from the spider-leg-like leaves they sprout. They love bright, indirect light but can also tolerate low light. They’re an easy-care plant and have a way of telling you when they need water. If you see their leaves start to droop down, that baby is thirsty. Water thoroughly every 1-2 weeks and let the soil dry completely in between drinks. Our favorite part of the spider plant is the pups it grows, making for easy propagation and sharing with friends!

Watermelon Peperomia

One look at this funky boy and it’ll be obvious where the name comes from. Their striped leaves are stunning and grow nice and big with bright, indirect light. Direct light from the sun will scorch the leaves… weird to think plants can get sunburn but it’s true. Similar to every plant on this list, they only need watering once every week or two, with more frequent drinks during growing season. Peperomia variations also sprout flowers that look like alien fingers, don’t worry that’s a good sign!


Such a beautiful succulent with many looks and varieties, the Echeveria loves the bright, hot sun and is drought-resistant. Many people think succulents can be neglected but they do in fact enjoy a good drink of water, especially in the summer. Their leaves store excess h2o and can be plucked to propagate. If you see a leaf fall off, put in a sunny window sill and wait for some aerial roots to sprout. Free plant!

Prayer Plant

The Red Maranta gets its name from the leaves “standing and kneeling” during the night. If you get a chance, watch a timelapse of the plant and you’ll see the way each leaf responds to light and darkness. These plants look like something out of a museum with amazing stripes and geometry on their leaf but can be a little difficult to care for. They love high humidity but hate direct sunlight and don’t want to get too soggy. In winter months try using a humidifier or place in a humid bathroom if the light is good.

There are so many great plants to choose from when decorating your home. Common themes you’ll tend to find are a love for bright, indirect light and letting soil dry between waterings. If your home is blessed with big windows, go crazy and turn your house into a jungle. Be sure to check for a pet-safe plant!

Which ones did we miss? Let us know your favorite plants to take care of.

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