Potatoes & Our Food
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Potatoes & Our Food

by Katy Murray

Written by Dr. Tiffany Ruiz Dasilva

On National Potato Day we wanted to pay tribute to the sweet, starchy root vegetables we all know and love - sweet potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so it is not surprising they provide many health benefits to our precious pups.

Fiber is an essential part of gut health, and sweet potatoes contain both insoluble and soluble fiber, both of which are necessary for well-formed, regular stools as well as intestinal cell health. Fiber isn’t the only part of the sweet potato that improves gut health - sweet potatoes contain antioxidants which promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Antioxidants also work to protect your dog’s body from free radicals, which can damage DNA and cause inflammation, leading to aging, impaired brain function and chronic diseases such as cancer.

Last, but certainly not least, sweet potatoes are jam packed with vitamins and minerals. The most notable of these? Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps keeps your dog’s eyes and immune system healthy and functioning, and benefits the heart, kidneys and reproductive system as well.

Today we hope you treat your sweet pup with some sweet potato! In order for your pup to fully enjoy the health benefits of sweet potato, please make sure it is fully baked, and does not have any added spices or sugar.

Fun Fact: Did you know potatoes are a great source of protein? We add potato protein - the concentrated, protein-rich part of the potato - to Wild Earth Complete Protein Formula as it is highly digestible by dogs and provides an excellent source of amino acids. It also helps support strong muscles and promotes a healthy immune system.

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