These Dogs Can Talk!
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These Dogs Can Talk!

by Katy Murray

We've all talked to our dogs. Whether we are giving commands or showing our love and affection, it's a key part of our relationship with our furry best friends. But what if your dog could use words to talk back? These dogs can.

1. Stella

Stella is a 3-year-old Blue Heeler/Catahoula mix. When she was brought home as a puppy, her speech-language pathologist owner noticed she had similar pre-linguistic communication skills as toddlers. Now, using special buttons, Stella uses more than 45 words to create phrases up to 5 words long to express herself.

2. Bunny

Bunny is a sheepadoodle who has become famous for her communication skills. Bunny's owner, Alexis Devine, found a button system that allowed her to teach Bunny how to say words like "bad", "walk", and "I love you".

3. Lexi

Inspired by both Stella and Bunny, Chelle started to teach her rescued 7-year-old husky mix how to talk with buttons! Since starting training in February 2021, Lexi is already communicating with multiple buttons and phrases.

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