World Nature Conservation Day - The Connection Between Dog Food And Deforestation
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World Nature Conservation Day - The Connection Between Dog Food And Deforestation

by Andrew Ehlert

Did you know that every year on July 28th people around the globe gather together to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day? The exact origin of this holiday is unknown but what is known is that this day is used as a centerpiece for the preservation of a healthy environment and preservation of the natural resources needed to maintain a healthy society.

Here at Wild Earth, we would like to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day this month but also provide some insights into our fight against deforestation by creating dog food products that don't negatively impact the environment to the degree in which commercial dog food brands do.

World Nature Conservation Day 2022

The 2022 World Nature Conservation Day takes place on Thursday, July 28th. This holiday has been around for many years and takes place every July 28th. This holiday is vital for promoting the preservation of a healthy environment as well as the protection of plants and animals in the face of the threat of extinction. The mission behind the holiday is to join together in order to preserve and protect the environment for future generations who will be born into an environmental crisis because of the current state of global warming and climate change.

The exact origin of this holiday is unknown but it is thought that the World Nature Conservation Day holiday started in India many years ago and has since grown into an international holiday that is promoted by numerous organizations and governmental agencies.

One of the main focal points for this year's holiday is on planning or initiatives to protect the earth from large-scale deforestation. Deforestation has grown in scale over the past 30 years and has shown no sign of slowing down. Numerous industries, including the commercial dog food industry, have negatively impacted the environment by contributing to mass deforestation and land usage.

What Is Deforestation?

Deforestation or mass forest clearance is the purposeful removal of large areas of trees from land in order to convert that land into non-forest use. Unfortunately, the removal of trees is a required part of human society and population growth to a degree but ever since the industrial revolution we have seen a drastic increase in deforestation that has negatively impacted the environment. More and more corporations are clearing thousands of square miles of rainforests and trees in order to create farms, factories, or even urban facilities.

Deforestation is detrimental to the environment because it results in more carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere which contributes to the acceleration of global warming and overall climate change. Trees are necessary for our environment because they capture carbon dioxide from the air during the process of photosynthesis and turn that carbon dioxide into clean oxygen.

Deforestation also threatens to cause mass extinctions of thousands of diverse species of animals and plants. When rain forests or large ecosystems are cut down and burned then it can drive many species into complete extinction and kill thousands or even millions of animals and species in the process.

Slowing or completely stopping mass-scale deforestation can help to preserve our atmosphere, our ecosystems, as well as the millions of animal and plant species that cohabitate on earth with us.

How The Commercial Dog Food Industries Leads To Deforestation

One of the industries that lead to deforestation more so than any other industry is actually the meat production industry. It is estimated that the meat production industry drives deforestation five times more than any other industry. It is estimated that just over the past 10 years, cattle farms have chopped down over 175,000 square miles of forests and trees in order to raise farm animals for meat production.

Meat production companies have continued to destroy thousands of miles of rainforests and ecosystems to slaughter billions of animals in order to sell their meat. The meat production industry is filled with cruelty but the commercial dog food industry is actually a main component of this industry as around 30% of all meat production is attributed to providing meat food for dogs and cats.

A 2017 study found that of all of the animals slaughtered and of all of the environmental impacts from animal production, around 30% can be attributed to providing food to dogs and cats. This means that out of the billions of land animals slaughtered each year for food, around 30% of these animals are killed to feed our household dogs and cats.

This means that commercial meat-based dog food companies are supporting and even benefiting from the large-scale deforestation performed by meat production companies.

How Wild Earth Is Protecting The Environment

At Wild Earth, we don’t believe that we have to contribute to the meat production industry that slaughters billions of animals a year and also negatively impacts our environment. Our dog food utilizes plant-based ingredients and provides your dog with the complete protein and amino acids that they need to thrive. We believe we can provide our dogs with incredible nutrition without slaughtering animals like the conventional meat-based dog food brands that have been popular in years past.

By switching your dog to Wild Earth you can expect positive health benefits but you can also help to fight against deforestation, animal cruelty in the meat production industry, reduce water usage, and can also help to reduce the total amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Every little bit helps the betterment of our environment. We hope you help us celebrate World Nature Conservation Day and help to make our planet a better place for everyone!

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