Gut Health is Essential to Overall Health

It’s incredibly common – and your dog’s poop is actually one of the clearest clues about how they’re reacting to their food.

But gut health isn’t just about improving your pup’s digestion… it massively impacts their overall health, energy, and immune system too.

Your dog’s largest immune organ is actually their intestinal tract, feeding them the right diet makes all
the difference.

You don’t have to take our word for it –
Check out some happy, healthy customer stories.

Changing Their Food
Changes Their Life

Traditional dog food is very low in fiber. One reason for this is kibble relies heavily on meat for nutrients, but meat doesn’t have any fiber.

This isn’t ideal because dietary fiber is essential to gut health – and gut health not only keeps your pup regular, but certain digestive fibers support your dog’s gut in everything from immunity to digestion, energy, skin condition and more.

Health Benefits
You Can See.

Many pet parents didn’t realize how much their pet could improve by switching their diet. In fact, 78% of long-term customers reported a positive health benefit for their dog after switching to Wild Earth dog food!


Backed by Science,
Formula Worth Drooling Over

Our recipe was developed by veterinarians, animal nutritionist PhDs, food scientists and pet nutrition experts. We left no stone unturned and the result is a formula for maximum pup nutrition. Each ingredient brings its own unique purpose.

Irresistible Taste, Irrefutable Benefits

Our not-so-secret ingredient, a protein powerhouse that is sustainably sourced and even used to make lesser dog foods taste better. Yeast is the future!

Sweet Potato
You know how tasty sweet potatoes are and so does your pup. Plus, they’re high in fiber and easy to digest.

A small pea with big-time, superfood nutrition. Calories, protein, iron, fiber and a simple carbohydrate. What’s not to love about chickpeas?

Another superfood? Yes! Spinach is loaded with iron and vitamin E and magnesium. Not your average leafy green.

Mix it all together and you get a protein-packed, superfood formula to help your dog thrive from the inside, out.