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Thousands of pet parents have made the switch to our vegan dog food formulas and have seen their dog’s health improve.

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We’ve created a delicious, high quality protein completely plant-based dog food formulas (and dog treats). Our products are cruelty-free and nutritionally complete, loaded with all the nutrients and vitamins dogs require.

See if Wild Earth is right for your dog’s allergies or other health goals.

Vegan Dog Diet:
Fact or Myth?

There is a wide misconception that we need to feed meat to our dogs. But dogs don’t need to eat meat, what they need is quality protein. Lucky for us, plants are loaded with protein. More and more studies continue to come out along with our own customers proving that vegan food can be healthier and promote longevity for our best friends.

Does My Dog

Need to Eat Meat?

No, your pup doesn’t need meat! Dogs have evolved from wolves. Far, far from wolves. And they’ve become omnivores along the way. Alongside humans, the evolved dog can process protein from animals and plants. Our food options are nutritionally-complete, high in protein and 100% plant-based.

Backed by Science,
Formulated with a Purpos

Your best friend deserves a meal that helps them play longer, zoomie faster, and snuggle happier. That’s why each ingredient was specifically chosen for targeted health benefits.

Delicious, Rich Superfood Ingredients

Our food contains sweet potato, spinach, pumpkin, oats and more. All clean, all rich in nutrients and all cruelty-free.
Complete & High Protein

We use only clean, sustainable, and tasty yeast and plant proteins that offer more protein by weight than traditional dog foods.

Our recipes were expertly crafted by veterinarians and food scientists to ensure complete & balanced head-to-paw nutrition.
Total Body Health Benefits

Our carefully crafted recipes contain ingredients that support digestion, strong muscles, and a healthy skin and coat.

Yeast: A Plant-Based Dog Food Protein

The backbone of Wild Earth’s recipes is Dried Yeast, a great source of high-quality, clean, non-animal protein that helps build and maintain muscle.

Dried yeast contains 49% protein by weight compared to 24% in beef. It’s also incredibly sustainable as yeast can grow in just 3 days, and requires far fewer resources to produce than any animal-based protein. Not only does it contain all 10 essential amino acids dogs need, but it is high in beta-glucans and B vitamins, which are important for digestive health, and play a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being.

It’s time we ditch the allergies and contaminants associated with meat. Dogs will not only love our kibble, but will thrive on it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Wild Earth products?

Currently, our Performance Formula and Maintenance Formula are sold through,, and! We are also available in select local retail stores so make sure to check our Store Locator.

Don’t dogs need meat to thrive?

Short answer: No! Long answer: Dogs are omnivores. Meaning, they can break down protein from animal and plant sources. We created dog food formulas with only plant-based ingredients because plants allow us to provide your dog with a nutritionally-complete and balanced diet. That also saves millions of lives in the process. Dogs need protein and a specific blend of essential amino acids—both of which our formulas are guaranteed to have. Learn about our ingredients → 

How much should I feed my dog?

This depends on your dog’s age, size, breed, and any specific health goals you may have for your dog (i.e. weight gain, weight loss). Check out the feeding chart on this page or reach out to our knowledgeable Customer Success Team through the chat icon in the lower right of this page.

 Does Wild Earth meet AAFCO requirements?

Yes! Our Performance Formula and Maintenance Formula dog food meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Maintenance.

We believe meeting the AAFCO guidelines are a baseline requirement for any dog brand. We not only meet the guidelines - in many cases our dog food formulas exceed these requirements.

Has there been any link to Dial Cardiomyopathy (DCM) and plant-based dog diets?

Our new Performance Formula and Maintenance Formula dog food recipes do not contain any legumes so even though there is no correlation between plant-based diets and DCM we have eliminated this from our new recipes! This is a complex issue, but with current information there is no correlation between plant-based diets and DCM. 

All current data suggests that if a link, in fact, exists between diet and DCM, it may be due to nutritional deficiencies in the diet and since our food is nutritionally-complete, this won’t be an issue. For a full breakdown, read this article from our Chief Product Officer, Dr. Abril Estrada: What We Know About Canine DCM and It’s Link to Diet

Can I cancel my Wild Earth dog food subscription at anytime? 

Yes! You can cancel your subscription orders at anytime in your account. Just simply login to your account and navigate to the subscriptions tab. You can also update your payment method, delay, skip and change your subscription frequency there as well. We’ll also send you shipping updates along the way. Our Customer Support Team is standing by to answer any questions!

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