Switch To Vegetarian Dog Food & Never Go Back

Interested in trying vegetarian dog food for your best friend? Not only is the switch safe for your dog, it can actually help them live their best life.

One taste, one sniff and your dog will be hooked.

You don’t have to just take our word for it –
Check out some happy, healthy customer stories.

Wild Earth is Already Trusted by Thousands of Happy Customers

And it turns out, in the absence of unknown meat byproducts, dogs can thrive. Try Wild Earth today and watch your dogs devour the plant-based goodness.

Do Dogs Need Meat?

Nope! Dogs are actually classified as omnivores. What happy, healthy dogs need is delicious, nutrient rich food. And Wild Earth vegan dog food is loaded with it.

If Not Meat, What is in
Wild Earth Dog Food?

Yeast: Our secret ingredient. High in protein, very tasty, and sustainable. Oh, it’s also high in fiber – meat can’t hang.

Healthy Fats: Flaxseed meal, sunflower oil, and marine microalgae add DHA plus omegas -3, -6, and -9 healthy fats to your dog’s diet.

Superfoods: Chickpeas, sweet potato, spinach, blueberries, and pumpkin add key nutrients and taste.

Vitamins and Minerals: Our science-backed, vet-developed recipe
has the right levels of vital vitamins and minerals that dogs require.

Experience the
Wild Earth Effect

Picking the right food for your dog is vital. We’ve got thousands of reviews and testimonials that all point to positive effects of switching their pups to Wild Earth’s high protein, vet-developed, vegan food.

  • Improved Digestion
  • Fewer Allergies
  • Increased energy levels
  • Regular #2s

Let’s Reinvent
Dog Food

At its core, there’s an unhealthy meat dependency in pet food. Most of the time, meat in your pet food means: Bad ingredients. Bad practices. And bad health.

Which is bad news for pets, pet parents, and the planet. So we made a new kind of dog food—a better one. We thank you for supporting our mission!