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Can Dogs Eat Cranberries? Is A Cranberry Good For Dogs?

by Andrew Ehlert

Can dogs eat cranberries? This is a question that many dog owners can't answer. In this blog post, we will review the benefits and risks of feeding your dog cranberries. Let's learn more about feeding dogs cranberries as a snack.

Can Dogs Eat Cranberries?

Yes, dogs can eat cranberries but it is only recommended to feed dogs cranberries in moderation. Dogs can eat a small amount of cranberries and dried cranberries. Whether or not your dog likes them will depend on the variety, as some dogs prefer tart flavors. Moderation is important when feeding these treats to dogs - too many cranberries could lead to an upset stomach.

Are Cranberries Safe For Dogs?

Yes, cranberries are safe for dogs in moderation but can lead to digestive troubles if the dog is fed cranberries too often. Dogs can eat cranberries, and while they are not toxic in moderation like many human foods; dogs should be fed with care. In this article we will talk about the health benefits of feeding dogs cranberries as a snack as well as any risks involved that you should be aware of. Before introducing your dog to any new type of food, it is recommended that you speak with your vet first as they have a better understanding of the current health of your dog.

Benefits of Feeding Cranberries To Dogs?

Cranberries are safe for dogs to eat and provide them with a lot of health benefits. They can help reduce tartar, plaque buildup, bladder complaints, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, and they even lower risks of hemorrhagic diarrhea. Many dog owners will give their dog a small amount of cranberry when their dog is struggling with digestion and UTI issues. Cranberry isn't a miracle food for your dog, but it can provide additional vitamins and minerals when given to your dog in moderation as a snack.

Risks Involved With Giving Dogs Cranberries

Cranberry can be hazardous if given in large quantities to a dog. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and it can even lead to kidney damage or an upset stomach for your pup. Cranberries are safe for dogs at the right amount but make sure you read the label and speak with your vet so you have a better understanding of how to feed your dog cranberries.

Do Dogs Like The Taste Of Cranberries?

Some dogs are not going to be fans of the tart flavor that cranberries carry, and other may already avoid eating fruits or vegetables regardless of type. Before you feed your dog cranberry snacks, always make sure they have a taste for them first. You can start by giving your dog a very small amount of cranberry to monitor how they react. If they seem to enjoy the flavor of cranberries then you can continue feeding it to them as an occasional snack. If your dog likes the taste of cranberries then they may like the taste of other fruits such as raspberries, kiwi, or even pears.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Cranberries?

Can my pup eat cranberries raw? Yes! Raw cranberries are safe for your dog to consume in moderation. However, be sure to supervise them while they eat because too many can pose risks if they eat too many cranberries in one sitting or if they have a natural sugar allergy or intolerance.

“Cranberries can be tricky,” said Denver-based veterinarian Kaci Angelone, DVM, MS. “If they aren't cooked down, they can be a choking hazard for cats or small dogs.”

If your dog is OK with eating anything roughly the size of a cranberry, then it should be fine. If you have a smaller or senior pet that has trouble chewing and may not like the taste, you might want to skip this treat.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries?

This is a decent option, with a couple caveats. First, dried cranberries can be mixed with raisins. Our furry friends cannot have grapes and raisins so check if the pouch of dried cranberries contains them before just giving your dog what falls out. You should also check the label as it may contain sugar that could lead to complications. Other fruits that are often dried before being fed to dogs are bananas, strawberries, or even watermelon.

Can Dogs Eat Cranberry Sauce?

Likewise, owners need to exercise caution when feeding their dog cranberry sauce from the Thanksgiving table. It's worth noting that many commercial cans of cranberry sauce are actually loaded with sugar and other potentially harmful ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. With this in mind, it is best to limit portions offered to pets.

Will Cranberries Help Dogs With UTL?

For humans, cranberry juice has been shown to have some benefits in helping to fight and prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Some studies suggest that they can have similar effects for dogs, but rather than giving your doggo cranberries which may not be safe because of the sugar content or toxicity problems with natural versions, consult your vet before using cranberries as a form of alternative medicine.

Can Dogs Have Cranberries? Final Verdict

Yes, dogs can have cranberries in a variety of different forms but should be done so with the consent of your veterinarian and should only be given to them in moderation. Cranberries can provide additional vitamins and minerals to the health of your dog but if eaten in excess your dog may experience stomach pain from the amount of natural sugar found in cranberries.

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