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What Can Dogs Drink Besides Water?

by Andrew Ehlert

Since hydration is so important for dogs, you may worry about whether your pup is getting enough water. If you’ve seen your canine forgetting to drink out of their water bowl, you may wonder if there are any other drinks for dogs. What can dogs drink besides water?

You might find that your pup can drink unsalted meat broths, fruit juice, coconut water, and more. In this guide, we go into detail about the type of beverages a dog can drink besides regular water from the faucet. Now, keep reading to learn all about it!

What Can Dogs Drink Besides Water?

You might see that your dog tries to drink or eat anything put in front of them unless they’ve gotten sick. However, what beverages are safe for a dog to drink? You’ll want to avoid taking water away from your pup nonetheless. Your dog’s water bowl should get a regular fill every day.

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While there are some other options for your dogs to drink, water is the one that is entirely safe and healthy for your canine. You can give dogs a more fun drink like beef broth, but it should never replace water.

Drinks Your Dog Can Have Other Than Water

Below, we detail the type of drinks your puppies and adult dogs can enjoy besides water. Try some out and see which ones your pup enjoys the most.


The electrolyte-enhanced drink Pedialyte is safe for dogs to drink and quickly rehydrate their bodies. However, make sure the type is unflavored, and you give the dosage your veterinarian recommends. First, try a bit to see if your pup likes the healthy Pedialyte drink.

Nut Milk

Since many adult dogs are lactose intolerant, nut milk is your best choice to keep your pup from getting sick. Nut milk is full of vitamin E and vitamin B3. Your dog can have a small amount of almond or cashew milk but ensure it has no added ingredients.


Kefir is a fermented milk product that has plenty of probiotics. Dogs benefit from probiotics, which are known as good bacteria. Probiotics improve gut health and alleviate digestive problems.

Pure Fruit Juice in Small Amounts

You shouldn’t give your dog fruit juice from the store, especially those with added sugars, flavors, and preservatives. Yet, you can give your pup dog-friendly fresh fruit juice directly from the fruit itself. Avoid grapes, berries, and sour fruit for better dog health.

Pure Vegetable Juice

Do you have a blender? Then you can make some dog-friendly vegetable juices for your pup to enjoy. Try adding carrots, broccoli, and cucumbers to your blender and make a delicious beverage for your dog. They’ll also get plenty of great vitamins and nutrients from the drink.

Coconut Water

Another healthy and safe drink for your dog is coconut water. Instead of just getting water from the sink, coconut water can give your pup nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, and B vitamins. Yet, you need to ensure the coconut water you buy does not have any added sugars or sweeteners.

What Your Dogs Shouldn’t Drink

As you search for what beverages are okay for dogs, you should also note the ones you’ll need to avoid. Certain drinks are dangerous and essentially poisonous to dogs. We outline a few below.


Giving your dog alcohol is a terrible idea due to its toxic properties. Alcohol can make your dog very sick. You will likely see your dog vomiting, breathing heavily, and having diarrhea. If your pup has too much alcohol, it could even die. As such, you need to store all alcohol products far away from your dog.


Caffeine is also dangerous for dogs, as it can cause seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, and possibly death. Coffee or black tea has the component methylxanthine, which is a toxic ingredient for canines. Keep all caffeine products away from your pup.

Chocolate Drinks

Any beverages with chocolate are highly toxic to dogs due to the theobromine ingredient. Chocolate can harm a dog’s circulatory system, kidneys, and nervous system. Ensure your dog never eats or drinks any chocolate products.

Wine and Grape Juice

Grapes cause kidney failure in canines. As such, you can’t give dogs any grape juice or wine. Further, wine is alcoholic, so it has twice as many reasons for possible health problems among dogs.

Any Beverages with Salts, Sugars, or Other Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners

Drinks with added sugars, sweeteners, and salts are not suitable for your canine. Such beverages can lead your dog to gain unneeded weight. Artificial sweeteners can also bring toxicity to a dog and lead to seizures, a coma, or even death.

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Do Dogs Get Bored with Water?

Generally, dogs are not like humans, and they usually don’t get bored with a bowl of water as their way to avoid dehydration. Your dog needs water as its primary liquid to grow and develop. Any other beverages are considered supplements and should never take the place of water.

Why You May Want to Provide Your Dog with a Beverage Besides Water

Do you want to give your pup a treat for good behavior? If so, then a tasty drink can act as a great treat. Also, if your dog does not drink enough and gets dehydrated, then some chicken broth or almond milk can help.

The Importance of Hydration for Your Dog

Keeping your pup hydrated is essential to help them grow, develop, and thrive. Water is necessary to keep your dog’s organs and muscles healthy.

Final Word

So, what can dogs drink besides water? You can add some Pedialyte, coconut water, fresh fruit or vegetable juice, unsalted broth, and nut milk to their liquid intake. Your pup will love new beverages as a treat!

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