Do French Bulldogs Shed? What do Do with a Shedding Frenchie
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Do French Bulldogs Shed? What do Do with a Shedding Frenchie

by Andrew Ehlert

You’ve got an adorable French bulldog and are wondering whether it sheds. It’s true that this is designated as a low-shedding type of dog. But unlike many other breeds, individual French bulldogs vary quite a bit in their shedding characteristics.

Certain factors impact how much one of these dogs will shed, such as its food, genetic profile, and its age. The fact of the matter is that while a short-haired breed, French bulldogs can shed all through the year.

The weather also has an impact. So, let’s learn more about the question, “do French bulldogs shed?”

Most Shedding Happens in the Spring For French Bulldogs

Some French bulldogs will shed a bit all through the year. In fact, some may even shed a lot in the cooler months. Overall, though, most French bulldog shedding happens in the spring and summer months. In other words, in warmer weather.

Did you know that some French Bulldogs actually have allergies and skin irritation that is caused by seasonal allergies as well as allergies related to their dog food? You can read our French Bulldog Allergies guide to learn more.

Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

No, this isn’t a hypoallergenic breed. Indeed, there isn’t such a thing as a completely “hypoallergenic” dog. Even the poodle, rightly known for being great for owners with allergies, may cause reactions if not properly groomed and maintained. Some breeds of Frenchies will have longer fur and will shed more than others. For example, the Fluffy French Bulldog, as well as the Lilac French Bulldog, tend to shed more than short-furred Frenchies.

What Should I Do With My Shedding Frenchie?

One solution to the question “do French bulldogs shed?” is plenty of grooming. And grooming isn’t just for shedding time. Let’s learn all about how to groom French bulldogs to minimize shedding below.

How to Groom Your French Bulldog Correctly

No matter what kind of dog you have, without sufficient grooming, then shedding will be a big problem.

Brushing and bathing are the two primary components of canine grooming.

Brushing Your French Bulldog

Combs and brushes are essential parts of any canine grooming toolkit. If you notice your French bulldog shedding more than usual before the warm weather, use a stripping comb.

During most of the year, brushing once weekly is enough. You’ll benefit from doing it more often during times of heavier grooming. Find a medium-bristle brush for brushing your pet French bulldog.

Brushing helps get rid of loose hairs and those that have already fallen out of the follicle and that are stuck in the coat. It also promotes general coat health by better distributing oils over the length of the hair.

If you already have a French bulldog, you know how much your pup loves attention. That can make grooming easier than it is with other breeds. Create positive associations with brushing, and they will love it even more.

Using Grooming Gloves?

Grooming gloves can give your furry friend a great brush (and satisfying scratch) while thinking he’s just getting petted. You just pop on the gloves and start stroking. Of course, you’ll have to pull the excess hair out of the bristles as you go.

Bathing Your French Bulldog

Only use dog-friendly shampoos on your pet. Your dog’s skin needs a different pH than human varieties, so keep that in mind. Using shampoo formulated for humans on a dog will lead to skin irritation and other problems.

Washing your dog helps to get rid of loose hair in your canine companion’s coat. It will also help maintain coat health by getting rid of oil buildup and other things interfering with the growth cycle.

As well as the coat, you’ve got to meticulously wash and gently dry the facial folds. Those areas where fungus and bacteria will quickly grow without the right hygiene.

Additionally, use a dog-friendly conditioner after shampooing. Look for one enriched with vitamin E. This is good for the skin as well as the coat.

Remember to Blowdry

You should rub the coat with a towel and then gently blow dry afterward. You’ll find a high-velocity blow dryer helpful here. It will get rid of extra loose hair, by blowing it out. That is important even though this breed has a smooth, short coat.

Don’t have that kind of blow dryer? Consider bringing them to a professional groomer with advanced equipment.

How Often Should You Wash a Frenchie’s Coat?

It’s best to shampoo this breed bi-monthly (once every two months). If you do it more often than that, there’s a real risk of creating skin problems.

Some dog owners have trouble getting their pets in the bath. If this is you, bring your canine friend to a professional groomer. For obvious reasons, French bulldogs tend to be easier to wash than larger breeds.

Provide the Right Kind of Diet

Proper nutrition will help ensure your French bulldog doesn’t shed more than he needs to. Check out the ingredients lists of different foods, looking for strong Omega 3 content. Omega 3 and other fatty acids will boost the health of your Frenchie’s coat.

As you may already know, many kinds of fish are fish in Omega 3. Some dog owners give their dogs an appropriate dose of a cod liver oil supplement. Talk to your veterinarian first if you have this in mind.

Female French Bulldogs and Shedding

Overall, both sexes of French bulldog need the same kind of grooming. However, while the shedding is usually similar, there is an exception. Female Frenchies often shed more when about to go into heat.

If this happens, you’ll just have to wait until the period of the heat ends for the excess shedding to stop. Of course, getting your female dog spayed will stop her from going into heat in the first place.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve learned here, the answer to the question “do French bulldogs shed” is a clear yes. As long as you give them regular grooming, though, the problem shouldn’t get unmanageable.

You might find your Frenchie shedding a little all year, but most of the time hair will end up on the furniture in the spring and warmer weather. To prevent too much of a mess, keep up with his grooming and take steps to create a healthier coat.

While taking these steps should cut down on shedding, there will always be a little. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and follow the usual tips and tricks for picking up dog hair.

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