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Dog Food Made Better

by Wes Chang
Two years ago we started Wild Earth with the goal to make dog food better. For too long, the typical options available to pet parents have been SHOCKING - dog food today is terrible for the environment, worse for our dogs’ health, and lastly plain mean to animals. We knew we could do better, It took an incredible amount of time, sweat, and effort, but we’re ecstatic to say: WE DID IT! We proudly present to you the BEST dog food on the planet.
As a thank you to all of you who have joined us on this journey - we are giving you 40% off if you pre-order the dog food by July 31! Guaranteed BEST WILD EARTH DEAL OF THE YEAR!

Ryan, Wild Earth’s CEO has a message for you!

Our team of animal lovers, veterinarians and scientists have devised a clean, high protein, cruelty-free, sustainable dog food recipe that is 100% nutritionally complete. Oh - and it (obviously) has ZERO animal ingredients! Our dog friends lick their bowls clean with happiness! Introducing Wild Earth’s Clean Protein Adult Dog Food Here are the Amazing Benefits :
  • Complete Protein: 31% complete protein adult dog food
  • Clean Ingredients: Whole foods like chickpeas, oats, peas, and sweet potato
  • Sustainable: 90% fewer resources required than meat-based dog food
  • Healthy Skin & Coat: Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with algae DHA
  • Optimal Digestion Support: High-quality prebiotic and dietary fibers
Now, you’re probably wondering - how do you get your hands or paws on this stuff!? Well, good news - our pre-order for this magical dog food is now live! And, as a thank you for taking part in this journey with us, we’re offering an awesome 40% off deal to everyone who pre-orders by July 31! July 19 - July 31: 18lb: $39 $65 4 lb: $15 $25 There is no limit on how many you pre-order, so go WILD . We believe this recipe is the gold standard that you and your dog deserve! We can’t wait to hear your (and your pup’s) feedback!
PS, our official launch date is August 19th, so take advantage of this early offer.

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