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The Results Are In – See Which Dogs Made The Cut For The Wild Earth Dog Model Search!

Now that submissions are closed and we’ve had the time to review all the applicants it is our great honor to announce the finalists of Wild Earth’s Next Top Dog Model contest! 

Keep in mind – the winners will be featured in our upcoming dog food commercial, will win dog food for life, and a free trip to LA!

Before we announce the finalists (winners coming tomorrow!), we just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated! We received over 600 submissions and the stories of overcoming odds, hope, and perseverance left us in awe and frankly speechless. Suffice it to say picking the finalists was super tough

There were more than a few passionate arguments for judge’s favorites and definitely some (happy) tears. It was a great reminder of why we’re working so hard to revolutionize the dog food industry. Dogs are special unicorns that we don’t deserve! BUT will happily love!

Congratulations to all the runners-up and finalists of Wild Earth’s Next Top Dog Model! All finalists will receive free Wild Earth Good Protein Dog Snacks from us and the top 10 will also receive a Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker.

Tomorrow we will announce the winners!

As a reminder, here was the criteria:

  1. Follow @WildEarthPets
  2. Post at least one photo of your dog on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Tell us why your dog would be the best dog to represent Wild Earth.
  3. Use the hashtag #WEDogModelSearch with the post and tag @WildEarthPets in the photo of your dog.
  4. Must Apply within these dates: June 17th, 2019 – June 30th, 2019

PS – keep an eye out for a FUN behind the scenes docu-series on the entire Wild Earth’s Next Top Dog Model contest process.

Without Further Ado – Here Are The Runners-Up & Top 10 Finalists!

All bio’s are in the words of the pet parents themselves (or the dog) with minor edits for length made by Wild Earth


Bio: #novathehusky is entering @wildearthpets #wedogmodelsearch ! Nova is a perfect dog model! She loves to ham it up for photos! Everyone who meets Nova instantly falls in love with her striking #babyblueeyes and her friendly, curious personality. We are so lucky to have found you when we did, wandering the streets in the South Texas summer heat, no owners in site and no collar or chip. We looked for your people but sadly, they were not looking for you. Anyone would have been lucky to find this gorgeous pup, but luck favored us that day and she’s been our baby ever since.


Bio: Jigsaw had a rough start in life. In the beginning all he knew was abuse and neglect. That was until I found him on Craigslist. He was in horrible condition. Never seen a vet. Or a groomer. He was matted solid, covered in his own urine and feces and was terrified. I took him, no questions asked. Even only just seeing his photos I felt an instant connection with him. I had to save him. I took him to work with me the next day and shaved off all the crud and matted hair. He saw a vet and got his shots and was started on a good diet. A plant based diet! He put on weight and his skin and hair flourished! He is living proof that dogs can THRIVE on a well balanced plant based diet.


Bio: I was in the shelter covered in mange when rescued. Now look at me! I am 50lbs of pure muscle! I’ve been vegan for 5 years and my mommy loves taking me places and educating people on the benefits of a plant based diet. I am deaf and know sign language! I am obsessed with beer koozies, boomer balls, goughnuts, broccoli and Wild Earth peanut butter treats!


Bio: Roxy is so full of spunk and life. We adopted her 6.5 years ago from a high kill shelter. She was a total love bug. She was dumped in a field after giving birth and being used for breeding. I couldn’t help but want to love and help her. Only little did I know she would help me in my own struggles and journey to becoming a mom. She overcame so much when we adopted her. She fought to be where she is. She has been such a big love to her two human brothers and fur sibling. She’s just a ham for attention and a treat! She’s living her best life.


Bio: This is my 13 year old rescue dog Cooper! I rescued Cooper when he was 3! Two years ago when he was 11 years old, this little guy was walking outside, when suddenly he started to stumble and within minutes could not move either of his back legs. I went into doctor mode immediately and realized this had to be neurological, and rushed him to the ER! He underwent emergency surgery for a slipped disc which caused him to be paralyzed. We didn’t know if he would ever regain function of his legs, but after months of physical therapy, acupuncture, and a lot of prayers, this little guy started walking again! It’s been 2 years and he is now running around like nothing ever happened! Coop can teach us a lot about perseverance at an older age. Many people think that at 11 years old (77 in dog years!) you might give up. But he fought through like the tough little guy he is, and now he is 13 and thriving!


Bio: I believe I should be picked because I represent all the dogs out there that deserve a second chance. I was found nearly dead on the streets and was rescued by a woman who saw me on the streets limping. She dropped me off at an animal hospital and two weeks later, my foster mom who is now my real mom took me in! Now I’m living the good life with my mom and dad, about to move cross country to some place called Los Angeles. Can’t wait! Ps my jacket is Faux leather.


Bio: Otis was abandoned and left to most likely die chained up in a backyard. His owners MOVED and left him there; with no consideration or empathy for what would happen to him. THANKFULLY! He was rescued by NorCal Bully Breed Rescue, who committed to paying for his medical care and associated living expenses. They felt he needed and deserved to be given a chance to live a life deserving of his soon to be experienced sweet nature. All he needed was a someone willing to take him in.

Top 10 Finalists & Winners Of A Whistle 3


Bio: Here’s Mox! Our handsome young man has been thriving on a plant based diet for the past 2 years. When we adopted him, he was covered in sores and had a terrible skin allergy. Since feeding him a plant based diet his coat is extremely shiny and he has TONS of energy! We really think he would be the perfect face for Wild Earth ! I mean, duh, look at him


Bio: Rainbow didn’t have the best start to life and found herself in a big, scary animal shelter. When she was taken in to a rescue she was terrified of everyone and acted out by trying to be WILD. She eventually learned how to trust her humans and now is the most lovable, tail wagging, ear flying girl. She continues to help any new foster dog siblings by showing how to trust people and how to be happy dogs who gets lots of treats and would love to share her food with them! Rainbow has overcome her fears and is taking in this EARTH and all it has to offer.


Bio: This is The Real Rosie-Joy. She came to us as a rescue in February. Although she was timid and unsure of everything at first we knew right away she was the sweetest, most loving dog! It didn’t take but minutes for her to become part of our family. She hugs and cuddles like no-ones business. I have been vegan for almost 15 years and after bringing Rosie-Joy into our house, voiced to the rest of the family that there was NO reason she couldn’t be a vegan dog! With the family not yet convinced, we saw the Shark Tank episode with Wild Earth dog treats and it was enough to convince the rest of the family! Rosie-Joy thrives on a plant based vegan diet and loves her Wild Earth treats!

Zeppelin and Leia

Bio: My sweet puppers were born to model. Not only are they super stinkin’ cute and adorable together, but both of them are rescues. There are SO many homeless pets sitting lonely and unloved at thousands of shelters across the country, many facing death after being rejected time and time again. Both of my dogs were once at this sad place in their lives. Zeppelin was found as a puppy in a bathtub in Compton. Leia was malnourished and nearly hairless after being mistreated at a puppy mill. Now, the two are healthy, happy, and loved beyond measure, and they prove that good looks come in all shapes and sizes!


Bio: It’s me Linus and I’m pursuing a career in modeling. I’m a vegan dog and I look like a frog. I was at the shelter with mange and a double ear infection. I was on several meds including allergy meds for two years before my mom wised up and made me vegan like my humans! I’m off all meds! And I’m happy and healthy. I love my little dog friends, my goughnuts, carrots, green beans, broccoli, apples and blueberries! My dislikes are getting my toenails clipped. I’m 8 years young!


Bio: Willie was picked up off the desert streets in Arizona. Among other things, he had to have an eye removed and put on meds to control his epileptic seizures. The rescue had Willie for over a year before his human saw him looking for a forever home. It was love at first sight and just like that Willie was on a plane (coach, not first class but whatevs) home to California. Although he admits that he doesn’t look like your ideal model his personality is big and his appetite is even bigger. Willie is proof that the greatest gift in life is love. His specifics are: 6lbs., 6 teeth and one eye.


Bio: “Love her but leave her wild” With those words @atticuspoetrymight’ve been talking about a lover. But maybe, just maybe he had a more universal muse in mind: our Mother Earth. Who, incidentally could use a bit more love these days. Enter, @wildearthpets What the what? We can save the planet with dog treats and soon, dog food? Oh you bet your bushy bum floof we can. Let’s get real for a just a sec. Raising crops to feed them to animals so other animals (ours) can eat those animals isn’t very efficient. It has certain inconvenient consequences. And if you’ve watched the news lately, you know this planet is running a little short on things like polar ice caps, arable land, fresh water, clean air, and #truthbomb: kindness to 3 billion “food” animals a year.<< deep breath, friends >>I know, I know, I know. It’s a bummer. A big, difficult, messy bummer. But one thing I know, I KNOW in my heart, is that we all want to be a part of doing good for Mother Earth. We love her. We depend on her. We want her to be wild and healthy. We want the same for our pups (well, maybe not totally wild pups but you feel me).It’s companies like @wildearthpets that give me hope. To me they’re like the Tesla or Impossible/Beyond Burgers of the pet food world. Their genius and innovation shines a light to a better, more delicious, kinder, healthier way. (And, FWIW @mcuban of @sharktankabc agrees!) They are the future and for real, words cannot describe how thrilled I am they they’re soon expanding from treats into dog food.I told Jessy and she’s fully stoked. Granted, she loves to eat the way hearts like to beat, but hey we all gotta live for something right?Choosing food for us and our dogs that treads lighter on the Earth seems like such a small gesture, but the truth is, it’s the most powerful thing we as individuals can do. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (~Margaret Mead)A lot of the excess carbon we emit gets absorbed by the ocean – and all that carbon changes the ocean’s chemistry and temperature which harms many marine species. You know how much I love the ocean, so I want to do my part to protect it. That’s why I’m officially entering the Wild Earth Top Dog Model contest – I would absolutely love to be a spokes-dog for this amazing company and support their mission to keep pups healthy and protect the planet!


Bio: I’m always looking for ways to reduce my carbon paw-print and love to share stories about the planet and sustainability. One of the most meaningful ways we can help the planet is to shift toward a plant-based diet. Since being rescued from a field as a scared lil pup, I’ve explored the shores of Monterey to the mountains of Yosemite with my pawrents and furriends!


Bio: Hello friends! In 2016, my ma was a dog shelter volunteer in NYC. Her dog Riley had recently passed over the rainbow bridge, and so had one of her senior fosters so she was very sad. But then I was found as a stray in Brooklyn, and brought into animal control. When she met me, I pretended to be so well behaved and she fell in love and took me home. And now I bark at all of the things. It’s been super fun for me ever since. Want to know why I have one toof? It’s because one day I ran away from my dog walker and I tried to find my mom in the subway (I always commuted with her!). I broke 10 teeth when I jumped into the tracks and I also punctured my lung and fractured my spine. The whole NYC subway shut down for over an hour while the kind people of the NYPDlooked for me! They finally found me and my mom and dad were crying so much. I healed over a few months and even got written up in the NY Times so I’m actually really a celebrity.


Bio: Dear Very Nice People at Wild Earth, Allow me to introduce myself. I am a nine and a half year old golden retriever and it’s a miracle I’m alive. As a young pup I suffered greatly with being sick all the time. Ironically, at the same time I was ill, so was my mom. Luckily, she discovered a plant based diet. After seeing the results she did research on whether dogs could survive on plants. The answer was obviously yes and together we went vegan. BUT- at the age of four I was diagnosed with cancer. The mass was so severe that my face needed major reconstruction, in addition to chemotherapy. She tells people how crazy I was running out of the hospital, ready to go. Mom thought I would be tired, but instead she would have to take me to the park for hours. Years went by and last year I had to go under the knife again. Two cancerous tumors and a ball were removed!

People are amazed when they meet me and hear what I have been through. I owe it to my vegan lifestyle. I have had a few hick ups but honestly I feel and look GREAT! I love to play fetch, go on hikes, swim, and all the good stuff. I’ve been told I’m pretty easy going. Two years ago I had the opportunity to share my story in the New York Times, which was super cool! Veganism saved my life and I want to help save other dogs. Not only do I want to save other dogs, but other animals and the planet!!!! We believe in living your life to the fullest. So I hope this inspires you to live your life in color! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

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