Adoptable Pet Highlight: Meet Zoey at Paws4ever
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Adoptable Pet Highlight: Meet Zoey at Paws4ever

by Katy Murray

About Zoey

The first thing you will notice about Zoey is her outgoing personality and her big smile. Her perfect day consists of going on hikes and snoring. Give Zoey a tennis ball and she will run after it and not bring it back!

Age: 2 years

Sex: Female

Breed: Pit Bull / Greyhound Mix

Color: Gray, White

Weight: 56 lbs

Adoptable (and adorable!) Zoey is currently with Paws4ever in Mebane, NC, an animal welfare organization offering a range of services to support pets and people in their community throughout their lifetimes.

As part of our sponsorship of Zoey we are helping her thrive at Paws4Ever by supplying her with all of her nutritional needs with our Complete Protein Dog Food and Superfood Dog Treats.

We talked with Whitney Zoghby at Paws4ever for a little bit more information about Zoey and her personality!

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What is Zoey's favorite treat?

Zoey loves food of all kinds - peanut butter probably makes the top of her list.

What is Zoey's cutest quirk?

She loves to get the zoomies outside and roll around in the grass. She enjoys cuddles on the couch once she gets her energy out.

How did Zoey end up with Paws4ever?

We got Zoey from one of our county shelter partners - she was originally picked up as a stray.

How do you adopt Zoey?

She is currently available for adoption at Paws4ever located in Mebane, North Carolina. Wild Earth is a proud sponsor of Paws4ever! If you are interested in learning more about Paws4ever and other adoptable pets like Zoey, visit

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