First Day of Fall - 5 Autumn Activities To Enjoy With Your Dog
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First Day of Fall - 5 Autumn Activities To Enjoy With Your Dog

by Andrew Ehlert

Have you been patiently awaiting the cooler weather in order to enjoy new adventures and dog-friendly activities during this time of the year? We know our team has absolutely loved the past autumn seasons because of the cooler weather, beautiful changes in the leaves, and the ability to participate in fall-specific activities with our dogs. The first day of Fall for 2022 is today, September 22, and we are here to celebrate the changing of the seasons as well as talk about the new activities you can spoil your dogs with this season.

First Day of Fall

Today marks the beginning of the autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of the spring season in the Southern Hemisphere. For those located in the Northern Hemisphere, this will mark the beginning of the cooler weather seasons after a long summer period. Depending on where you live, the fall weather is the most enjoyable for many people as it's not too hot and not too cold.

Fall Time Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

The fall time provides cooler weather, beautiful scenery, and the ability to participate in unique activities and experiences that are exclusive to this season. We hope you take the start of fall as a sign of motivation to go out and create some memories with your family this autumn season. Below are a few of our favorite fall time activities that you should experience with your dog this year!

1. Camping With Your Dog

The fall time is one of the most popular camping times of the year because of the crisp weather and beautiful change of the leaves that you can observe during this time of the year. Camping is a fun and unique way that you can experience mother nature with your dog. There are thousands of campgrounds around the United States that allow pets and even provide additional areas on the campground that are specifically designated for your dogs. You should always make sure the campground you visit is actually dog-friendly to make sure your pups are safe and comfortable while you camp.

Camping will provide your dog with the opportunity to experience new smells, sights, and sounds. Your dog will absolutely love exploring, socializing, and experiencing new adventures that they have never experienced before. As you and your dog will be out in nature it is important that you pack all of your dog's belongings in order to be happy and safe during this new adventure.

2. Pumpkin & Apple Picking With Your Dog

Nothing represents the autumn season quite like pumpkins and other seasonal fruits and veggies such as apples. One of the most fun fall time adventures you can experience with your dog is to take them to a pumpkin farm or take them apple picking. Most pumpkin farms and apple orchards are dog friendly but you will want to make sure with the specific local pumpkin patch that you plan on visiting. We know that you will enjoy picking out a pumpkin for your family or picking apples but we also know that your dog will enjoy the open scenery and the delicious smells of pumpkins and apples.

We think your dog will absolutely love visiting a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard and maybe they will even get a small treat as a reward! If your dog enjoys fruits and veggies then we recommend you learn more about Wild Earth Dog Food and the wholefood ingredients we use to provide your dog with the best food possible!

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3. Enjoy A Hay Ride or Tractor Ride

Another great fall-time activity that we think your dog will love is going on a hay ride or tractor ride! If your dog enjoys sticking their head out the window during a car ride then we know they will also enjoy going on a hay ride! Hay rides will provide your pup with the opportunity to ride through a farm and take a scenic tour of the area. The hay ride will give your dog the opportunity to enjoy some cool air and enjoy some quality outdoor time with your family. It is important to make sure that the farm you plan on visiting is dog-friendly but we have noticed that most hay rides do allow dogs as long as they are on a leash.

4. Halloween Trick or Treating & Costume Dress Up

The fall season and Halloween is the perfect time to dress your dog up in their favorite costume or outfit! On the night of Halloween, you can plan on dressing your dog up in a comfortable costume and take them with you as you and your family go house to house for candy. Many families even include their dogs in the family costume theme! It is important that you make sure that your dog is comfortable and happy in their costume so they have the best experience possible.

Although your dog would probably enjoy eating candy on Halloween, candy isn't a safe snack option for them. Instead of candy, we recommend you reward your pup with Wild Earth Dog Treats.

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5. Fall Time Photo Shoot

Our last favorite fall-time activity that you need to experience this season is a fall-time family photo shoot! This could be family portraits or even action shots of your dog playing outside. If you have an extra surge of creativity then you can arrange these photos into an autumn scrapbook. We know your family will absolutely love the experience of having a photo shoot during this beautiful time of year but then you can also enjoy these photos for years to come.

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