World Environment Day - Ways Wild Earth Is Helping The Environment
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World Environment Day - Ways Wild Earth Is Helping The Environment

by Andrew Ehlert

Did you know that every June 5th is World Environment Day? This is a day that was created in 1974 by the United Nations and is celebrated annually in an effort to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment. Many long-term climate and environmental projections look bleak which makes it even more important that individuals and companies around the world do their part to help the environment.

What Is World Environment Day?

World Environment Day (WED) was first held as a week-long conference in Sweden called the "Stockholm Conference On The Human Environment". Over the next two years, the conference transitioned from a week-long event to a one-day celebration that was hosted in a different city around the world each year.

Celebrations have taken place in host cities that range from Spokane, Washington, USA, Sylhet, Bangladesh, Bangkok, Thailand, and everywhere in between! World Environment Day has been celebrated all around the world and continues to spread awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

The 2022 World Environment Day celebration will be hosted in Sweden and will be utilizing the tagline "Only One Earth".

4 Ways Wild Earth Is Helping The Environment

At Wild Earth, we strive to create the healthiest dog products available and we do so by creating cruelty-free products that are great for your dog as well as the environment. We care deeply for the environment and strive to create a positive impact compared to other dog food companies.

Below are just a few of the ways we strive to improve the planet and the environment.


1. Reducing Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions can be dangerous for the planet as they are greenhouse gases that can trap heat inside the atmosphere and raise the overall temperature and level of infrared radiation on Earth. Higher temperatures on Earth are known to increase the likelihood of natural disasters such as storms but are also known to cause droughts and cause crops to struggle to grow which can create severe food scarcity around the world.

Meat-based dog foods are known to produce a massive amount of carbon emissions because of the livestock used to produce the food. It is estimated that just meat-based food for cats and dogs is responsible for over 64 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. That is the equivalent of the annual emissions from nearly 14 million cars.

As Wild Earth is a plant-based dog food brand, we produce a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to meat-based dog food brands because we don't require livestock to be slaughtered for our food.

2. Reducing Water Usage

It is estimated that around 800 million people worldwide don't have access to basic water services or safe water to drink. And as climate-related droughts and disasters become more common it is important to note that excess water usage can be detrimental to the planet as well as the people of Earth.

Meat production required immense amounts of water and meat-based dog foods are a large contributor to this. It is estimated that it takes around 1,800 gallons of water to produce just 1 pound of beef. This number is similar to other types of meat that are often used in dog food. This means meat-based dog food brands are using immense amounts of water that the people of Earth as well as the environment desperately need.

As Wild Earth is a plant-based dog food brand, we use significantly less water usage in the production of our products compared to meat-based dog food brands.


3. Reducing Deforestation & Land Usage

The Earth needs a healthy amount of trees and plants to absorb the carbon dioxide in the air and to produce fresh oxygen. When there aren't enough trees then there will be an excess of carbon dioxide in the air that works as a greenhouse gas to rapidly warm the planet. Trees and plants are essential for our survival and unfortunately, meat production required a large amount of land and many time these companies will deforest large areas of the earth in order to open up room for cattle farms.

It is estimated that the meat production industry drives deforestation five times more than any other industry. It is estimated that just over the past 10 years, cattle farms have chopped down over 175,000 square miles of forests and trees in order to raise farm animals for meat production. This amount of deforestation drastically reduces the earth's ability to battle excess carbon dioxide which leads to the deterioration of our atmosphere and the rapid warming of the planet.

As Wild Earth is a plant-based dog food company, we don't support cattle farms and other meat production companies that routinely deforest large sections of the earth.

4. Saving Animals From Being Slaughtered For Food

Every year billions of land animals are slaughtered to provide food for humans but also for companion animals such as dogs and cats. A 2017 study found that of all of the animals slaughtered and of all of the environmental impacts from animal production, around 30% can be attributed to providing food to dogs and cats. This means that out of the billions of land animals slaughtered each year for food, around 30% of these animals are killed to feed our household dogs and cats.

At Wild Earth, we don’t believe this has to be the case. Our dog food utilizes plant-based ingredients and provides your dog with the complete protein and amino acids that they need to thrive. We believe we can provide our dogs with incredible nutrition without slaughtering animals like the conventional meat-based dog foods that have been popular in years past.

The food your dog eats doesn’t have to be cruel towards farm animals — our food utilizes high-quality plant-based ingredients such as yeast protein, blueberries, spinach, and sweet potatoes that you and your dog will love. Save farm animals from being slaughtered by switching to Wild Earth.

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